Friday, January 19, 2024


This was sent to me a few days ago, or rather shorter version of this was sent to me. I am using this one because it's 3 minutes longer and has useful transcription imbedded.   I didn't have time to post it until now.

Some are criticizing channelers right now, especially those who consider themselves "menticians" (experts of the mind). You will also notice these ones never speak of the heart or love.  The connection to your higher self is the heart. 

There IS a lot of bogus channelings out there to be sure, but not all of them are boring aphorisms from Banal-ze-bub himself.   

I suspect the denigration is because the information they have provided already negates many agendas.  There are Ashtar Sherran channelings, that I would not trust as I know that data to be highly skewed and not from him.  Identity theft in the galaxy is as rife as resource and energy theft.  You think credit card identity theft is bad, try being famous in the galaxy.  There's always someone trying to pose as one of them.  That's why higher energy beings identify each other by frequency.

But that's me, I am not trying to be your discernment by proxy.  Nor do I want that role.

My first exposure to channelers was Kryon.  A friend of my former spouse was secretary to Lee Carroll who channels Kryon.   I met Lee at a pre-wedding rehearsal dinner.   He's nothing like Kryon.  He's a kind man who has some kind of ordination to preform weddings,  but also very meticulous and fastidious man preoccupied with protocols and procedures.  He struggles with negative feedback channelers get, usually from religious people, that it's all of the devil or demons.  Its not.   That's not to say you can't connect to dark entities, you can!  But why would you want to?  Feel the frequencies emitted. Does it make you feel less than? Does it make you fearful?  Does it want your worship?  Does it flatter?  Does it lie? If so you are being manipulated.   I like most of what Kryon says, although sometimes I find it either something I already know or something that is not pertinent to me.

Bashar, as channeled by Daryl Anka is another one I enjoy.  He's very humorous and entertaining and always has something I never thought about before. Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks is a similar and in the same class as Kyron and Bashar.   

All these humans have chosen to allow their personality to step aside for a brief period and act as a human walkie talkie via their vocal cords.  It is not possession.  They can interrupt it at any time.   It's all free will.   It's not something I particularly want to do, but neither do I condemn.  

Denice, who has done so much work with me has an actual ET comms device in her ear. She also uses telepathy and other modes of communications.  Prior to this life she was a highly trained Andromedan communications officer and a diplomat.   There are other such people, like Sophia Love, who has Pleiadian roots and others I won't mention right now because they are not in the spotlight yet.  None of the people I know channel.  Or "wet channeling" as it sometimes called.  What constitutes a dry channeling I am not sure. 



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