Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Frequency cleaning


Many of you probably have seen the recent Schumann resonance graph out of Tomsk.   I don't know if that's a misconfigured program or the actual frequencies coming in right now.  It's certainly unique! In one sense it doesn't really matter, you're no doubt feeling the frequencies anyway.  I've never been quite sure what the resonance represented and whether it was good or bad. Is it part of the veil of consciousness?  An electric fence on intuition?  For that matter why do we have the Van Allen belts?

Many are experiencing stuff coming up from their childhoods.  Stuff they don't even remember until it comes up.  Seems to be a lot of stuff from grade school down at age 3.  It's happened to me and others I know with very similar experiences of this internal purging of a kind of buried my anger or emotional scar.  Kryon gave a heads up on this process a few weeks ago.  He calls "Karma from the Akash", but memory at the DNA level would be saying the same thing.  Karma has so much baggage connected to the word, a bit like the word soul does.  Think of it as the body cleansing some stuff that just doesn't serve you going forwards.  Nobody here is a victim, we have all created our realities, as fucked up as some those creations may be.

Weather it, don't attach to it, it will pass.   I suspect some of the weather we have had here in Texas represents this process in the collective. Emotions are a lot like weather in many respects. Your kids may be processing the moments you were less than a patient parent, so you may get hit with it from your life and your child's life.   They are no different than you, they are affected by these Earth altering frequencies as much as you are.

You may find medications you take have different effects or become suddenly stronger or weaker.  I don't know what to tell you on that, I am not a doctor, but one I take as needed  may have to go to a half dose.  Trust your body.  Trust yourself. 

Be good to yourself.  Be kind to those who are going through their own changes and roller coaster moments. Some may pull away for a bit, this is temporary.   Give them space, don't take it personally.  

I'll keep this short and sweet.  Love you all! We all get through this, nobody gets left behind.  

PS: Denice is in another state taking care of some family matters this summer so I don't expect to hear much from her unless it's something urgent from the Galactics.