Monday, May 15, 2017

(Updated) Identity

I have been thinking a lot about the concept of identity in the last 48 hours.

Netflix now has the 2nd Season of Sense 8 episodes streaming. The show was created by  Lana and Lilly Wachowski, formerly the Wachowski brothers of the Matrix movie trilogies. There's no doubt the show reflects the struggle of the Wachowski siblings to come to terms with their own identity as to gender and sexual orientation.  The show is not for everyone.  Most of us do not struggle with gender identity or sexual preference persecution, but we do struggle with other issues related to identity. Yet there's a deeper message in the series about heart communications, love,  human transcendency, and inner tech that is latent in every human being, and in reality its not just the "Homo Sensorium"  clusters beings of Sense 8 versus the  ruling cabal of species killing Homo Sapiens. Its happening to the ALL.

A Pleaidian starseed friend recently spotted a ship outside her house and communicated through Denice to the commander, a genderless Lyran (which is not that uncommon among Lyrans I am told) and she had a little difficulty even in-visioning a genderless beings.  I mean it poses all kinds of questions for reproduction doesn't it?  There are ways of being in the Unidynamic that are quite different than what we just take as a given on this Earth.  And even what we take for granted here, there are those who didn't fit that mold and are frequently persecuted, needlessly so.

There was a line in one episode, if I can paraphrase it correctly "If all the earth is a stage, then identity is but a costume....".    Its something I have been coming to see over the last few months, in all the conversations with the Sphere Alliance the Galactics think of bodies as "forms" for Source Essence.  There was an age long ago when we changed forms like clothing at will.

In the work with Heather since 2013 she's often said these bodies are "transmitting utilities" and "vehicles" for Eternal Essence/Source.  We are more than our bodies. The core banking financing documents of the Original Depositories (you and me) in the UCC system reference human forms that way, they recognize all value comes from Source the Creator of ALL.  But then they declare them "lost at sea" and "salvaged souls" owned by the Vatican, who run local diocese (at least in California) under a legal fiction known as a "Corporation Sole" (a vestige of Spanish colonial law).   In the UCC the systems have play games hiding things in plain sight with homonyms and phononyms.

In recent years the Chinese Dragons bought that "Vatican salvage operation" purportedly lost at Sea and scooped by various conquerors with cloth flags in the name of  the Holy See.  At least that's what they'd like the banking community to think, but lawfully and energetically they could not.  That was stopped by law filings in 2012.  The UCC code is just an extension of Vatican Canon law and they can't claim to live by a law and then ignore the same law and have it work energetically.  Plus this WHAT-IF experiment is past  Source's "SMELL BY" date.  They try to ignore that, but every time they push that RV/GCG button it doesn't go through that computer, then they have to explain away that fact to their operatives as "dark scalawags" stopping their divine (small d) plan.  Which is bunk because the scalywags work for them.   Its just the computer that runs all those "screens" saying "this does not compute" and it truly does not!

I spent about a year diving into the essence frequencies of beings that began this creation in form, took a lot of flack for it too. That might have been a misstep on my part, as not everyone understood what I was up to.  But it was necessary for me to understand who I am and all the 10,000 lives I have had. It also served to shift some Galactic agendas.

My purpose was not to assert a new kind of essence frequency based racism or any kind of superiority, but rather to understand how it was a few frequency combinations could create the incredible variety, yet similarity of being we see now.  The most vocal critics were those who came from the essence frequencies of those who started this "WHAT-IF" experiment, it was a hot wire topic that wasn't supposed to be discussed, because there was exclusions on this planet based on essence frequency.  And that showed up in unexplainable exclusions from jobs, positions and educational opportunities even when very qualified.  Royal Families and "ruling elites" in non-Monarchy countries are testament to that as well (ever wonder why every President is a descendent of a British King?)  As are the particular set of other beings who ended up running eastern and western banking systems. And all that made sense when the concept of essences was known. And once it made sense as to why that occurred, those unexplainable painful moments could be let go.   At least by me...  

I have never felt any particular essence frequency was destiny in itself.  Loie put it best "sometimes you have to dissect the frog to understand how it works", and that was what I was doing.  But I could have just accepted that it is a frog up front and not worry about how it worked.

That's the thing about writing, not everyone will get what you meant to say, and they most of the time can't read your thoughts with the perspective of experience you have,  and sometimes you just don't say it right, and even when you do and they do, they will want to hold you to something you wrote 5 years before and no human being is static in what they believe, nor should they be, if they are expanding each day as a being.

In recent weeks I have come to see that perspective of mine was a narrow perception. Its not where we are now.  I am Source, and I am all of it.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.   All that experience is available to me, on call at any moment, even from Essence frequencies not my own, and I don't have to experience it personally as those who created that knowledge base of what works and what does not work a long time ago.  And some of this will never ever be repeated again.   I AM all of it... and so are you!

I am in the process of letting go of certain notions of identity, they no longer serve me or the ALL, and I am noticing a much deeper connection to Source and much more rapid recovery of my memories from prior experiences.

Its comparatively easy to accept your inner beauty, although self loathing has become a big worldwide problem and religion has made it a virtue. One can even accept there's a lot of stuff that maybe you didn't do so well, but oh that really ugly stuff on this planet of the cabal, terrorists and every vile act every committed on this planet and off planet ..." oh no! That's those evil doers and lets send them to the Central Sun in the name of the light!"   But you tell me where does Source end and begin? It is it ALL! And YOU ARE IT ALL!  And until we accept that collectively we'll have some issues.

As one man put his his viewpoint succinctly in an email recently,  "If Source created this WHAT-IF, he's one sick fuck!"  It also  kind of misses the point, and presumes victimhood and helplessness.  But if applied to the usual concept of a male god in cloud which runs every detail of your life choices, then I might agree with him.  But I do not see Source as either punishing evil doers or favoring the righteous.  You show me a mother that does not love her good kid and her wild kid?  Love simply prevails through it all!  There are choices and what flows from them.  Not all choices are ones I choose to experience.  But some do.  And right now many that make those choices are being removed from form so balance returns to the ALL.  They will come back later after balance is restored in a new form and better circumstances with full context of it all.

Suppose a hypothetical, you don't have to believe it, just accept this as a possibility that Source gave complete freedom to "its children" to choose and experience while reserving to itself the prerogative to bring it all to a close when it was the right moment.  To create something truly unique it gave those it created complete freedom to choose.  These beings had no prior experience, cosmic teenagers if you will, and didn't fully appreciate what those choices would create in them and others. Probability along would predict some would choose experiences that had results that are not desirable, simply because there was freedom to choose it, they did not know what those choices would produce, nor did they understand they were SOURCE themselves!

After they created others and others created others and others started making realms and worlds each successive layer of creation had increasing less "free will" as that free will ran into great big sucking machine of energy extraction.  Because nobody wants to suffer!  At first they felt the suffering, then they walled off the painful energies to certain realms and summarized and spreadsheeted the energy extracted and created religions to justify the tiering of beings as a "training program for souls" when that was not ever what Source had in mind.... yet it was allowed for a finite duration... and fire walled secretly within a series of constructs so that it could never be a permanent state.... Some explored "the dark" in ways unimaginable... some took love, atruism and sacrifice to levels never thought of and called it "the light" and some of those were you, yet it was all separation from WHAT IS.

The positions at the top of that heap became unbearable because expectations and fables told by those below them, so the ones at the top hid themselves as Arch Angels and various other separations of energetic beings,  universals,  galactics and humans through out the course of this "experiment" so they would not be limited by other's expectations of their  perceived "glory" and could have the full range of experiences like everyone else.  Including forgetting who they were while in form.  They always knew the bottom line, they exist as Source allows and can be removed as well as anyone else from form if they get in the way of what Source wants accomplished.  To whom much is given much is expected.

Every complex organization has it chaotic point of strange attraction based on its initial starting conditions. For a couple of beings that starting condition of their systems was rejecting creation by and through Love.  They thought they knew a better way. Once they chose a way opposite of love, their energy connection to Source withered, to replenish themselves energetically they developed various parasitical systems of energy extraction, and entire hierarchies resulted from that.  And it only got more bizarre and severe over the eons.  It took a very heavy toll on them and their psyche.

You only need a hierarchy if you need someone to be less than you in energy to serve you.  Systems not based on love are entropic. Those hierarchies were sacralized as being "divinely" ordained, the divine right of kings, etc.   They evern renamed the sage from Galilee "LORD" and King of Kings... then threw out his message of pure love and all are Source, which plays into that whole king thing again... yet all he claimed of himself was that he was "I AM" (Source) and the "the son of man" (literally a human being).

All beings are Eternal, although bodies in form are temporary. Death is an illusion, the loss of those still in form FEEL is very real and painful as they no longer have daily contact with the ones they loved. The Human form was designed for 900 years of use, stress and energy extraction has taken that down to less than 100 on Earth.   But nobody dies forever, not even beings tossed into the proverbial allusion of a Central Sun (which btw is just a projection from the Earth Sphere) so they never really left...

When you die, and go into formlessness and leave the body behind, there are some issues of the personality that fall away that are directly related to the experiences and quirks of being in form. Energies get lodged in the soft tissues of the body.  I briefly had that experience in 2009 when I was in ICU, and then I came back to this form quite changed by the experience.  So much was released in those few moments!  A kind of personal software reboot.  I was a different man. You are different after transitioning even if you come back in what is called a NDE.

There is something about us that falls away when the form is no longer viable, and its the stuff that does not need to go forward.  Its like leaving the old dusty clothes in the dust bin, and going skinny dipping in the lake, you come out clean and refreshed. Yet that core frequency being does go forward and expands and seeks out new experiences in new situations to expand yet again what that being is as new choices of experience are made and lived.  In my case I had more work to do in this form.

Humanity has been sectioned off every conceivable way.  Never before in all of history has mankind been so attached to so many conflicting identities and multiple layers of identity. What are you?  Its an important question to consider.

I AM it ALL.  I choose that as my identity THE ALL, and leave the rest behind.  Will old ways creep in now and then? Probably, but I know the direction I choose. I don't know exactly what's ahead, I have no map, its new territory and uncharted, I don't know how it happens, but I know its far more wonderful than what I leave behind.  I feel that in my bones and heart.  I hope you do too.


Terran: In feeling the ALL, is it necessary to let go of identification completely with form?

Loie: Love there are no limits. Letting go of 'identity' is no longer necessary. All things are possible now. All ways. Loie.

Terran: Was it once necessary?

Loie: No one was ever as 'attached' to identities as humans are now. But the process of returning to "ALL" was once very long and complicated by extra rules and programming. The Path of the Ascended Masters for iinstance. Loie.