Friday, June 30, 2023

With Ease and Grace...

I have to apologize.  I think I got it wrong on how June, July and August would be.  Oh its chaotic and crazy but not in the way I was expecting.  I based my expectations, like many others, on past history of humanity.  But we are in new energetic territory now. That is becoming abundantly clear to me. I will admit to being very disheartened after the events in Tennesee. Witnessing the corruption of the DOJ and FBI first hand was shocking.  I lost sight of the forest because I was in the midst of the trees in the Forest of Mirkwood.  

I did a doing this week that had some rather astounding confirmation. I may talk about that in a couple of years when the dust settles.  And all it took was sending some love frequencies.  If I can do that, what can the mass of humanity do in this moment?

I don't completely understand the strategy of there being a seemingly silicon masked man in the White House, if he really even lives there (some evidence he doesn't - sure spends a lot of time in Delaware).  I don't think he's a clone as some purport.  Clones are expensive and most of those centers have been taken out of action. The clone and replacement organ center in the undersea Malibu base was disabled in 2015, there was also one in the Russian Urals, but I doubt western leaders are making side trips to Russia lately.  China may have some body rejuvenation tech but that place is so opaque I doubt even their leaders know who pulls their strings.

The galactics told me early on in this  current "President's" dementia is a result of a botched (elite only) life extension therapy.  But I am not even sure that is the same being we are seeing now.  You doubt they get special services you don't?  Surely you see you don't get the same medical care as the elites do. How did the likes of Kissinger, Soros, and other self proclaimed masters of humanity live to such an old age? You can get a menu of all kinds of services when you reach certain corridors of power, and those corridors require you to be highly compromised ethically and morally. The bull nose ring of blackmail prevents most defections of politicians and judges from the Orion Syndicate.   The braver ones are just murdered if not in witness protection. 

I prefer the term Orion Syndicate, although I didn't invent it, it's an old Star Trek term, which made a reappearance on Star Trek Discovery.  It's also accurate.  But they are human too, and a part of the ALL. Gene Roddenberry was definitely clued into a lot of things. Orion financial slavers arrived late in Earth history, first in Mesopotamia during the exile of Israel under the Babylonian rule of Nebuchadnezzar II, and later another wave in the lands around the Black Sea where they bedeviled the Russia people for centuries.  They still do.  

They are a long ways from their stellar home.  Genetically they are becoming diluted by intermarriage. Some found resonance in an exile religion in Babylon, as foreigners that got mixed into the slave crowds of Babylon. These Orion human-draco hybrids aren't particularly religious in the Abrahamic sense. They are of many professed faiths, whatever suits their needs.  They keep their own religious and magical writings sequestered by language and limiting access to outsiders. Cultural camouflage and identity theft a tool to them. They have their own unique beliefs which did not come from Abraham.  So if your prone to going down anti-semitic rabbit holes you're missing the forest for the trees. The Orion Syndicate's history is full of forced hybridization and genetic trauma.  And that is stored in the DNA.  It can be healed. They need a good deal of healing.  They're not inclined to admit that.  They think they are a master race.  I think healing will come as these frequencies change.  The original Orions - called Orians, were a playful and kind race.  There is a small remnant of Orian that live closely with the Pleiadians and Andromedans. They were the first star system to fall to the Draco empire.  The Pleiades and Andromeda suffered similar fates but had some time to prepare for survival and to create bio-spheres. 

Lately the one liners coming from this President like "God save the Queen man" and "Putin losing the war in Iraq" seems like an actor hamming up a role because they are a little bored with it all.  At least that's my working hypothesis at the moment.  Feel free to disagree.  I don't know the actual situation.  

But assuming it's true... the next question is why?  Well one reason could be to have a place holder you control, while you tag and bag up the rest of their corrupt network.   This corruption runs very very deep, and they no longer hide it within the FBI and DOJ.   It's also in the Pentagon and I am hoping the fruit cakes running that place in this admin are fire walled from doing to too much damage to the core military.   It's as termite riddled as the rest of the government is. 

The Universal cleanup isn't really about terminating people, it's about removing the corruption from power.  So if you're out for vengeance you might be disappointed. Everything is frequency, matter, energy, consciousness.  Love.  Compassion.  These are are powerful frequencies of being.  What is called "weaponized compassion" is an oxymoron, it's really just maoist tactics of cultural revolution and have nothing to do with compassion.  The frequencies of some beings sometimes mean some have to go.  Source enforces, often in strange and wonderful ways, based on the choices individually made in heart. 

Changes of heart will become common place now, you just saw one in Russia last week, when the three letter agencies were predicting a Russian coup de tat.   Instead they witnessed reconciliation and possibly exposure of a 5th column in their own military ranks.  The same can happen with the Orion Syndicate, and indeed has happened with some of them already.  It kinda depends on how frequency brittle the being is. Ego, pride, and just plain bone headedness or drug addiction can land some of them to find themselves in an entirely different section of the Galaxy. 

I feel things in the universal cleanup are much further along than I ever imagined.  Do I have any details or irrefutable proof?  Not really.  At least not anything that can be argued in conventional ways.

This planet is NOT stopping at 5th density.  This is planet is returning ORIGINAL.  Earth was the original "Paradise" but it's been hidden as a bit of a hell hole in an obscure part of this galaxy.  It's a primal place of creation, and is therefore quantum entangled with everything!  What changes here sends waves throughout this universe.

An insight from analyzing faces

I've been playing lately with an AI app for photos. I take horrible selfies, I seem incapable of holding a phone at myself and smiling at the same time.  This tool, Retrato creates some pretty good ones out of my horrible selfies.  But it also sometimes it gives me 3 hands and 6 fingers, so it's not really all that smart or intelligent, just really good at facial pattern recognition.   

As I looked at the results of the images, I saw what small changes in weight and exercise would have on my own appearance.  It's hard to imagine what you could look like when you see the same face in the mirror everyday.   It was inspiring really and motivating tool for doing more exercise. I have lost a lot of weight but getting shape is more than just weight.  It's muscle tone, endurance and general posture too.  Yet this shell, which I am grateful for, is not the complete me... not by a long shot!  Yet for most of my life I have identified with the face I have as being one in the same as me.

After seeing all these images of me in different clothes and settings, I found myself watching TV and thinking "I am not just this human.  I am not just this Celtic ancestry.  I am not just this kid that grew up in Arizona in a working class family."   When I saw the faces of people on TV and had this deep sense I AM ALL BEINGS.  I AM THE ALL. AND SO IS EVERYONE ELSE.   I am the person I like and the person I don't like all that much.  

As an individuated instance of the ALL, I can persuade others, I can send them pure love energy, but I can't make their choice of experience.   I can't make them make novel or beautiful choices or force them into the routine mindless ones. I can only do that for myself.  

There's a bit of a miracle that occurs when you see another being as the ALL, because that's what comes back to you when you recognize it.  Its in the smile and the eyes. We have so externalized our own inner darkness as this or that being, whether human or otherwise, most people never get recognized as being the ALL.  And oh how they respond when they are seen as Source.  And they might not even know what they respond that way.  BUT YOU WILL KNOW!

There are lots of plot twists ahead.  This will not go on for twenty years.   We are on the threshold.

Love you all!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

When it feels like ..


When information is everywhere but none of it is reliable.  When confusion is the game of the day...

Learn to trust yourself.

When it feels like love has gone out with the tide and you're all alone...   

Learn to love yourself.  Who else will?

When it feels like all you own is lost...  

Learn how free you are without all the trappings.  Do we really own anything other than our essence and memories?

When you feel loss for all your good intentions, and you're chided for not dancing to the tunes  family has played for you (obligations they never kept themselves)

Realize loss is an illusion, nothing is ever lost, only set aside for a moment...  Better to be the crazy uncle than the man who never ventured anything. 

When your reputation gets stabbed in the back by a smiling "bless their heart"... or worse an ambigious "inappropriate" followed by a verb.  Specifics are always easier to answer than an ambiguity and attack by proxy.

Remember Jesus was betrayed with a kiss.   Crucifixion is the most inappropriate thing ever invented.  Good behavior did not avert it. 

When you wake up in a hospital bed and the only thing to look forward to are the meals...

Learn gratitude for every moment and for strength of will, and gratitude to those dedicated to keeping you alive..   

When things get tough, know the only thing permanent is LOVE. 

You are LOVE.  You came from LOVE, and you will return to LOVE. 

Monday, June 26, 2023

XERXES 6/26/23 - Shift the Balance

XERXES 6/26/2023 (as received by Denice)

Simply this.

A thought not spoken is creative potential unrealized.

It was not in my experience to speak my thoughts freely and unwantedly.  Oh I had many thoughts. Most were of joyous moments. Reflections. What-Could-Have-Beens. I left these to the shelves of my memory. Re-visited too late.

My thoughts spoken were of capture. Advance. War.

Upon review had I spoken more of these joyous thoughts and less of the destructive ones would the balance have been broken?

What thoughts spoken would shift the times?

What thoughts spoken would bring the joy I so "cravenly" desired?

A message. Speak joyous thoughts in great quantity now.

Shift the balance.


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Deafening Silence


Every once in a while, there's a silence.  

It comes before great change.

Before every quake, there's a silence. Dogs and cats flee for shelter.  Birds do not sing.

Before every tsunami the sea retreats.  Silence and bafflement follows.

Before ever movement a pause.

In this moment the only truth that is reliable is what is not said... but felt.

The rest is noise from the old factions wanting to paint their narrative.  Their insatiable path to primacy against their competitors. 

Narratives are not native, not innate, and almost always not original. They are stories about the future no more reliable than a "forward leaning statement" from a Wall Street stock prospectus.   Tired old scripts from the hamster wheel of duality.  Light and dark chasing each other in an endless circle of pain and grief.   The snake that eats its tail perpetually and never realizes it's not really a snake. The future is a probability, but can turn on a dime.

Its time for something that transcends all that.

There are certainties.

Humanity will be freed from debt slavery.  SOON.

We will meet other humans from other worlds.

Abundance will come.

Energy will be abundant, more energy (not less) is the key to a higher level civilization and a more ecologically balanced planet.  But it won't be the tired old energy of coal and nuclear heating steam to turn turbines.  It is not needed now, except for that has served those who ruled by scarcity.   The patents are known.  

How it all comes together I cannot tell you.  what piece comes before another and what order I do not know.  And what I once thought I knew is likely obsolete by subsequent events.  It's in the hands of Source, The ALL, and it will come together through the ALL.  Is this faith?  Perhaps of a higher sort.  It is not religion. Or may be its just the perspective of an old soul who's seen many incarnations?

Some play key roles, but that can change, there has never been a single point of failure.  Egos derail many a beings here and there. But there's always someone Source moves through.  Often surprisingly so.  It's all based on the heart.  

Flatters come and go.  Backstabbers come and go.   History has been filled with these.  Do not be deterred nor influenced by either.  You will witness many.  

You know what is true by your heart. You know who your friends are. 

JFK's June 10, 1963 Speech on peace with Russia

Compare and contrast our current Democrat President with the one we had in 1963 at the height of the Cold War.  Quite a difference after 60 years!   To even propose nuclear testing ban in 1963 was so against the mainstream thinking of the time.  We were doing atmospheric nuclear test in Nevada and at sea at an astonishing rate.  This was radical forward thinking!

Now we have politicians advocating war with Russia over the Ukraine.   Russia and the greater Soviet Union in 1963 was Socialist and censored all free speech.   Russia today has more free speech than any of the American news outlets.  While smaller than the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation is no longer socialist.  

The USA is careening towards a Chinese Maoist totalitarian style of socialism using identity politics to divide the American people in every conceivable way.  We've seen a great deal of censorship of during COVID and various subjects that run afoul of "woke ideology" that is right out of Mao's cultural revolution. 

The cultural revolution in China sought abolish the distinctiveness of women in an effort to eliminate by having them wear masculine uniforms.  Mao sought to eliminate the "Four Olds" (old things, old ideas, old customs and old habits). Woke politics cancel tactics and intimidations on universities and social media has many Maoist parallels including changing the very language we communicate with.  Chairman Mao sought to break about families.  Children belonged to the state to be used how the state saw fit.  Children were taught to inform on their parents and turn them into government.  Nobody can deny families are under heavy assault in current day America.  

JFK was definitely a man ahead of his time. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Frequency cleaning


Many of you probably have seen the recent Schumann resonance graph out of Tomsk.   I don't know if that's a misconfigured program or the actual frequencies coming in right now.  It's certainly unique! In one sense it doesn't really matter, you're no doubt feeling the frequencies anyway.  I've never been quite sure what the resonance represented and whether it was good or bad. Is it part of the veil of consciousness?  An electric fence on intuition?  For that matter why do we have the Van Allen belts?

Many are experiencing stuff coming up from their childhoods.  Stuff they don't even remember until it comes up.  Seems to be a lot of stuff from grade school down at age 3.  It's happened to me and others I know with very similar experiences of this internal purging of a kind of buried my anger or emotional scar.  Kryon gave a heads up on this process a few weeks ago.  He calls "Karma from the Akash", but memory at the DNA level would be saying the same thing.  Karma has so much baggage connected to the word, a bit like the word soul does.  Think of it as the body cleansing some stuff that just doesn't serve you going forwards.  Nobody here is a victim, we have all created our realities, as fucked up as some those creations may be.

Weather it, don't attach to it, it will pass.   I suspect some of the weather we have had here in Texas represents this process in the collective. Emotions are a lot like weather in many respects. Your kids may be processing the moments you were less than a patient parent, so you may get hit with it from your life and your child's life.   They are no different than you, they are affected by these Earth altering frequencies as much as you are.

You may find medications you take have different effects or become suddenly stronger or weaker.  I don't know what to tell you on that, I am not a doctor, but one I take as needed  may have to go to a half dose.  Trust your body.  Trust yourself. 

Be good to yourself.  Be kind to those who are going through their own changes and roller coaster moments. Some may pull away for a bit, this is temporary.   Give them space, don't take it personally.  

I'll keep this short and sweet.  Love you all! We all get through this, nobody gets left behind.  

PS: Denice is in another state taking care of some family matters this summer so I don't expect to hear much from her unless it's something urgent from the Galactics.