Tuesday, December 24, 2019

HATJ 12/24/19

Lisa Shannon: message from Heather today (star)

"My love, gratitude, heartitude, and embrace of KP, his mother, and father <3

And, Lili, which book would this be, honey? BTW, License to Lie is making its way around the Unit, lol...thank you for your honored and humbled to do all this with You, BZ, Youssef, ZLEA, Bill, and All...and done so no one ever has to do it again :)

Love You, Lili!
Love All!

p.s. Listening to Lucio Dalla's song "Ciao" waiting for his other song "What A Beautiful Day", reminiscing with Loie about first time in Italy (that trip Cher and her song "I Believe" was present with Lucio, lol), and how all the choices up to then and thereafter led to, gosh, EVERYTHING/ONE, thinking of You, and All....and You, BZ, and Bill sent in the gp...and so much more...heartwaves to You and the gang, Chica...