Monday, July 5, 2021

Ham Radio Experts Reveals the Survellience Threat
of Covert Bluetooth Mesh Networks


I have always been a bit of a techie. I've experimented with Smart Devices like like light switches and I have a couple of blue tooth switches for some lights.  Blue tooth has felt until now, a bit more secure in the home than the WIFI connected smart devices,  because they don't connect to the Internet.  But that is no longer true.  Ring (owned by Amazon) and Nest (owned by Google) are actively exploring linking their "internet of things" (IOT) devices across entire neighborhoods as giant blue tooth mesh networks.  Mesh networks are more robust than point to point networks and less vulnerable to interruption.  

They want to spy on your entire neighborhood with their door bell cameras and security cameras. They have openly said they are going to do just that.  There are lots of agencies and private corporations willing to buy up that video footage, audio data, and location data.  

You know where this stuff is going.  Imagine you're in lock down nutty England or Australia, and you go outside without a mask, your doorbell becomes your personal snitch.  You're arrested and they tell everyone they are just "protecting the children" from your germs.  In China it could affect your "Social Credit Score", perhaps even denying you access to transportation services and favorable interest rates.

Rob Braxman, a ham radio expert outlines the threat below in this video in a fairly easy to understand way of what is going on in these blue tooth enabled devices.