Saturday, September 15, 2018

Update from Denice on Hurricane Florence

Heather:  (RE: Denice status) lol ;)    my love to you, Denice, and all <3 br="">

Denice: 😍thanks! We are trying to head home today. No power anywhere, may as well be home. 🌞

Denice: Hi

Terran: Hi both Shawn and you are texting! Shawn's noticing how bright the sun has become
I saw it a day or 2 ago!

Denice: It was extremely bright last weekend before this event. [redacted] and his girlfriend mentioned it as we bought food for Florence.

Terran: How's the family?

Denice: As you can imagine. Irritable. Cranky.

Terran: Men! Lol

Denice: Water will be turned off Tuesday if the main power line is not restored.

Denice: How is H?

Terran: She's good!

Denice: Awesome!

Terran: Lot of water around you? House ok?

Denice: Yes, all is ok. Lawns are no longer draining.

Terran: Can you cook?

Denice: We boarded the windows, so it is very stifling.

Denice: Grilled all the food tonight. Made beef and cabbage, nachos, and Brunswick stew.

Denice: Fed 10. Lol


Denice: Our neighbors returned and were working to clean up, so we gave them dinner.

Terran: 👍

Denice: Tomorrow is PB&J [for those of you outside the USA that's peanut butter and jelly sandwich] and canned soup until a store opens.

Terran: Surprising how hot stew tastes good in a humid and hot storm.

Denice: Things are not normal. I am not concerned at all, but this is sooooo weird. Surreal.

Terran: Weird here too

Denice: Yeah? What's up?

Terran: Energies inside continue to build

Denice: Hear you. I felt it a few times, but too many distractions.

Denice: Will touch base tomorrow. I have lots of clean up to do. . .😎

Gaia Portal: Mentoring of all planetary Ascenders begins in earnest

Mentoring of all planetary Ascenders begins in earnest

by ÉirePort

Mentoring of all planetary Ascenders begins in earnest.

Standards of vibrational requirements are raised.

Schools are selected.

Choices are made.

The harvest is near.

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