Friday, May 13, 2022


My external Mac keyboard (not made by Apple) has stopped working.  It was supposed to be solar powered but apparently the batteries failed. A replacement Apple keyboard coming hopefully tomorrow.  Until then I post from the phone.  Oddly the phone and other personal electronics I use a lot are fine. 

Noticing a change bodily in that I only want to eat when my stomach growls and tells me its hungry. Almost like I preciously had an internal program running that ate according to the clock even when i didn’t need it. Weight is dropping as a result.  Getting much more sensitive to listening to my body.

Still some body anomalies going on and through experimentation I’m learning what to not eat and drink in these frequencies.  Coffee is out. Decided to not work today and rest. Taking things as it comes. 

Still experiencing electrical anomalies in the house. Pulsing lights. Circuit breakers tripped. 
There are portals near by.