Thursday, March 1, 2018

#UniverslCleanUp Status Update

Okay folks, here's what's going on in general... details will have to come after all Ops of the Universal Clean Up crew are completed.

We filed final notices on the Praecipe 101 a few days ago here in Knoxville. Last remaining bit of legal work on foreign agents and their threats to POTUS.  They have been warned. Nothing is as it seems.

#UniversalCleanUp crew shifted into high gear (some high hazard targets taken into custody quietly in prior weeks). Results should show in days or weeks.

National Politics remains much the same, but the puppets now have no puppet masters and nobody has their backs. You will likely notice the effects of recent actions in how you feel frequency-wise before you see changes in the news cycle. Media seems still firmly in deep state control and Google and Twitter have gone crazy censoring and have become the enemy of truth tellers. Bloggers should be proactive and move their content to other services.

Last night was a very busy night, undisclosed "Bear Traps" (not unlike Cobra's description of Toplet devices) were discovered and cleared from the populaces world wide.

Planetary ruling/banking families were given 5 years notice. Did nothing. They were given direct assistance, turned it down. The compassion now is for the planet. The planet will not perish just to support your ego. Consciousness and freedom are not negotiable.

Some last minute remorse by the families, many of you have perhaps been processing their grief.. and yet still manipulation attempts by the "families" (like spoiled manipulative children). The best apology is a change of behavior.