Tuesday, May 29, 2018


The following concerns a document I was asked to hold back in 2015, and later asked to release but could not find.... it suddenly opened on Denice's computer last night, with no initiation by her. A lot of the work over the last 6 years has been outside of time.  Events I see in the now are sometimes are seen by others years before, other times we see them much before in linear time.  From a linear time perspective it can get confusing, unless you let go of the idea that time is real...

For the record Cintanami stones are shards of a shattered planet in the Sirius star system, they are not of higher energy, quite the opposite, they carry the trauma of the destruction of a planet.  So why would  the Dragon Family want to plant them???? Food for thought...  Not that it will change what is already been factualized. But they do run the current banking system...

7:21 PM 5/28/18 Denice: Btw, sent full ben.

7:29 PM 5/28/18 Terran: I see that

7:29 PM 5/28/18 Terran: I wish the military had a bigger picture than divisive culture wars. The whole abortion debate is a culture war that's been going on for 50 yrs

7:31 PM 5/28/18 Denice: Long road to freedom, or the Pentagon is feeding Ben bs

7:31 PM 5/28/18 Terran: Ben gets a lot of BS

7:31 PM 5/28/18 Terran: So does Cobra

7:31 PM 5/28/18 Terran: Pained me to read Eduardo's lastest article

7:32 PM 5/28/18 Denice: Sending you a file that opened on my computer as I was trying to create a new file for the jail abuses emails.

7:32 PM 5/28/18 Denice: One sec

7:32 PM 5/28/18 Terran: On Skype?

7:33 PM 5/28/18 Denice: Yep. . will Skype you

7:33 PM 5/28/18 Denice: I missed that one

7:33 PM 5/28/18 Terran: He was defending Cobra at a Taiwan conference. They are all on board with the dragons

7:33 PM 5/28/18 Denice: Gotcha

7:42 PM 5/28/18  Denice: Gotcha. . , could never find it [Labled Operation Santa Claus] when you asked me before. . wild that it popped up now 😎

7:43 PM 5/28/18 Terran: No accidents... time loop ending?