Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Happy 2020!

A very happy 2020 to all of you!  Its been very warm in Texas, temps averaging in the 60-70F (20-24C) which means basically not much of a winter this year!  I am okay with that given what I experienced the year before!

My chest cold has cleared, feeling much better!   Thanks to all of you who asked!  This is the time of year the cedar pollen becomes an issue for many.  So far I have no sensitivity to that pollen which I am grateful for.  This week they measured the highest cedar pollen counts ever for the Austin area.

I don't usually make New Year resolutions, but this year I am setting some new priorities.  Last couple of years I felt like I experienced PTSD, a lot of things happened I never expected to happen, but in hindsight I suppose they needed to play out the way they did.  It was a time for recovery. The rubber band had snapped back hard and much to sort out and process. So for 2020 I am going back to a few basics. A little more discipline in my life, more writing,  more discipline in my life and what I eat, how I exercise, and what I focus on.   There's been a lot of distractions and that will only increase.  But there are things that are important and things that are not and things that are not mine to address.  Please don't ask me what I think of someone else's ideas or writing because I am not going to do that anymore.  I have no brand to protect from opposing views. Use your discernment.  Even getting something "wrong" teaches! I do trust the flow its all going to work out and we're clearly on the downside slope of much change!

I have a good many questions answered, others that will be answered in their own time,  There is data that is important for me to know, but maybe not for others to know.  Just as your own history is for you to know. And that's probably the most perplexing thing facing me at this time.

How do I present information to people that is simply outside their frame of reference, especially when you lack (for the moment) actual memories of it all?  How do translate that data into understanding and awareness?  How do you deal with all the disinformation out there about how this planet formed and it's history?  How do you inform without disempowering?  And what the heck do I do with family that reads this blog and has their own memories of me?  Ha!  Well maybe its good they are reading right?  These are not easy questions. And it's all beginning anew, so how much of all that even matters?

I remember expressing my frustration to Heather about what could have been in 2014 with all that talent in one place (and that was actually part of the problem it was too centralized),  I started this blog and its predecessor with a kind of investigative journalist approach.  Then I began living in close proximity to people I wrote about.  People who had families that I grew to care very much about.  It was impossible to be completely "impartial" for I, although I didn't know it when I started, was also always a part of their stories.  I can only express my views as fairly and as lovingly as I can.  I don't pretend to be some outside observer.  I am a participant.

In the spring of 2013,  it was as if 10 pieces of Uranium came into close proximity and we all went "critical" in energy. WE FELT IT.  I still feel it. We are all humans, just very experienced humans.  From the beginning of form itself.  We felt it in our heads and body, and even our eye colors changed. We were changed.  I have no doubt that meeting was planned before we incarnated as a kind of energetic jump start.  Under the old rules, you could only wake up through deprivation and hardship (awakening via joy and bliss was not allowed by those who ran this place) and we all experienced that!  There was a frequency combination that occurred that I think only Heather anticipated.  The only one who didn't show up was KP and maybe he didn't need to.  He is so energy sensitive as it is. I wasn't.

Then in 2013-2014 we all moved to the same place. And oh the experiences we had!  Heather teleporting in the villa and beach and in the souk,  The dolphin that beached itself trying to see Heather when she was practicing, which she dragged back into the sea.  Do you know how heavy a dolphin is?  The golden rainbows Dani and Heather saw in Martil where everything turned golden colored including the people on the street who were marveling.  The apache helicopters that zoomed our houses, and unknown men were stomping on our roofs (that still happens to me but I know they are Yetis). The frequency trucks and their antenna arrays trying discombulate us and makes have headaches.  So we played with their frequency trucks toys in our own special way. They left.

The conversation with Swissindo (Caleb and I witnessed) with Heather, in which they were begging Heather to sign off, but she was not signing off on anything short of complete unfettered access to value.  And oh they claimed to be a "benevolent monarchy" when it was clear from they said they wanted complete control.

A few were angry for a time (not so much now), and through self restraint I said nothing at all to some of the accusations (directed more at Heather than me) as emotions were created, manipulated by outsiders and vented.  Heather didn't respond much either. I knew I'd see them all again. I love all of them. They were and are extremely old friends.  Friends that predate time itself.  Faced all that again in TN court when some of their videos (out of context) were on the prosecutions "discovery" CDROMs.  Nobody anticipated that! Sheesh.  They were not played in court as Heather did an excellent job of shooting down those prosecution misconceptions in cross examination.  Still the echoes of it all bounced around for a while.

Heather  told me at the time "they have to go out and do what they came to do, they will be helping people around the world.   Send them love".  I said "I think they all just went nuts!  I don't feel love for them at that moment", I truly didn't (not proud of that) ... I was angry and disappointed.  You've all have had similar moments with family or friends. She said "then send me love and I will send it on them, its important that love energy be sent to them and important for you to do so".

That was an important moment for me.  First through Heather then direct (sometimes you need training wheels).  I learned how to send love energy to people as an energy from my heart center. Even when I didn't have it within my body to do so, I could access that endless supply from Source. I learned how to feel (and prior to 2012 I felt so little of anything) that flow from Source (which is always available) to others. I experienced love not  merely as a "sentiment" but as a frequency and power that does not require a quid pro quo or conformance to my or others expectations.  Whether they felt it I don't know.` I just know what was done. All done in pure love with an eye towards a future moment and reunion. And sure enough they people went on to their own magnificent and unique experiences,  They traveled, built audiences, teams and doings that would have never happened at all otherwise. They were always old friends with bigger than life personalities and histories of such unimaginable proportions and magnificent.

But in many ways it felt my journey was just starting late 2014.  I did my I-AM Declaration as a Youtube video in December 2014, and it all seemed to flow from that moment.   My blog readership declined very badly in late 2014 from all the adverse publicity. I was supported then by Google ads and I could see I wasn't going to survive in Morocco. And I could see Google was already playing games with its ads.  I was all alone in Morocco, except for Levon the very inventive Russian engineer from Yandex, who I'd see occasionally the M'Diq markets.  Some friends in Italy invited me to stay with them in Italy.  I was given a refuge of sort, and some new and curious experiences in Italy.  So I flew from Casablanca to Rome and onto Torino (Turin) and was driven to the Alps.  Heather and her family left Casablanca and moved to Florence a few months later.

In June 2015 Denice contacted me with a message from Thor and the Sphere Alliance, in particular the Plieadians, Andromedans, and Orian (pre-draco invasion Orions).  Corey Goode had already  begun his own revelations on the Sphere Alliance Beings (his was a different group of Blue Avians) but at the time I was a skeptic.  Heather had told me in the summer of 2014 she was "going on the road".  I thought she meant Europe.  She meant to the Galactics via the Atlas Mountains.   According to the Galactics she parked her body in the hotel, created a new body there and moved into it (moving back between the two forms at will), and organized what we now call the Sphere Alliance. They had never seen a human being do such a thing!  I didn't know that until much later.  She doesn't tell me everything. After Thor contacted me on June 21, 2014 Heather and her children came to the Alps for the next 8 months.

In the alps I saw a number of unusual things, including a mini tornado that came down the narrow valley between the peaks and tried to come at the chalet.  I said "just try it" and I stood on the balcony and watched it and I wasn't budging.  The mini tornado moved forward and it was as if it hit a glass wall.  Then like something out of a corney scifi movie, the tornado sprouted arms and flipped me off with both vapor hands!  LOL!    Tell me that was JUST weather! The area was known to be highly magnetic, and one night we had this lightening storm so severe there were actually two stories of an arcing corona of plasma encircling the stone chalet we were living in. It fried my WIFI router!  We routinely shut down the DSL connection during storms, but I neglected the isolated WIFI router.

As Texas Public radio just put it "these are stories from Texas, some of them are true..." LOL...  Oh Texas is a state of mind indeed!   You don't move to Texas, it moves into you!  I have truly grown to love this place!  But you have to treat it as its own unique country!

Love Y'all!

Terran (somewhere in Texas Y'all!)

Thor Message 1/8/2020

Denice received this unexpected message shortly after the Iranian missiles rained down on the military bases in Iraq.