Friday, June 1, 2018

Update from Heather, Documents taken by Jail Guards

To: William Ferguson
Subject: [redacted]
Date: 6/1/2018 1:16:44 PM

They searched our cell after i talked with you, lisa, and y and the kids...and after prelim prep for CCR to asses constitutional/human righfs abuses by RDWDF principals, employees, agents, contractors, et. al. :)     [RDWDF = Roger D. Wilson Detention Center]

They removed some paper from our room... they went through my attorney-client-legal paperwork...every piece of paper... unclear what they removed, with one exception... i requested that they hold on to the papers they removed from our cell for the local attorney i work with to look through and identify what they took, and for francis to get the RDWDF employees' basis for removal... please forward this email to Francis

The exception I mentioned above, is the hand written duplicate of the grievance I filed on 5-28-18 for unlawful illegal acts, including, but not limited to, 75+ hour lockdown ... there are no photo copiers here, lol... no problem though... i rewrote it from memory on my copy of the inmate handbook ;)

It is the only "formal grievance" I have filed

All documentation of constitutional/human rights abuses recorded by other fed women in this pod, has been systematically removed in cell searches over the last 12-14 days, approximately <3 br="">
my love to all <3 br="">