Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Update 2: Radiance is Arriving

Update 1: changed Dr Mallone interview to Bitchute, which seems to work better than Rumble.

Update 2: cleaned up some grammar and wording for clarity

I'm sharing a conversation as it ended up being more than just data sharing with an old friend, and more a blog post in its own right. A lot of the work I have been doing lately has been on Telegram and Twitter and that's hurt my productivity here. 

I use Twitter as an in the moment kind of thing, I state quite clearly in my profile posts have a shelf life equal to that of lettuce. I delete the posts usually within a month, which is probably why the algorithms can't figure me out, no collected history to analyze.  Twitter only makes sense in the moment, it looks weird without the context of the moment.  Many comedians lost their careers because of old Tweets that were in another moment and when viewed from this moment, they either don't make sense are read in another context than which it was created.  Sensibilities change, as does humor. 

Text without context is pretext.  Context is temporal, cultural, situational and personal.

I have used Telegram so much lately perhaps I need to open my own Telegram group channel?  I am on GETTR although haven't used it much because I go where the people are, but it looks like Twitter is about to die as a service, so I may switch over to GETTR where I won't have to delete my posts. 

I've long wanted to share the Dr Malone conversation with Joe Rogan, but I expected it to be banned by YouTube (it was) so embedding it earlier would be pointless. It is now safely on Bitchute (at least for now).  I've added notes [in red] for clarity to my readers that GW would obviously already know so I didn't mention them in the original conversation.   GW has contributed to the blog and its predecessor on a number of occasions.  

There are some events coming soon, which I am just calling RADIANCE, because its very much tied into the energies now surrounding this solar system. Yet RADIANCE is also an inside job.  Inside YOU. It will affect everyone, vaccinated or not.  Vaccine nanotech is not going to delay it.  I'm not going to say what it looks like.  But you and me, will know it when we see it.  Sometimes things are felt before they are seen.  MANY ARE FEELING IT.

The only work you really need to do is accept that you are part of the ALL, Source itself.  Every religion believes God is omnipresent, and that is only possible if your existence is not separate from God/Source/The ALL. Yet to not do so, is like your arm telling you it's not YOU.   You are immersed in the ALL and the ALL itself.  Don't worry if that takes a while to sink in, just allow for the fact that it might just be true.

On Jan 3, 2022 GW Hardin wrote: 

Reiner Fuellmich: “New Findings… Enough to Dismantle the Entire (VAX) Industry!”

On Jan 4, 2022, GW Hardin wrote:

More on Malone interview with Rogan.

On Jan 4, 2022  Terran wrote:

I listened to that interview. Malone is an impeccable man.

On Jan 4, 2022 GW Hardin  wrote:

It was perhaps the best podcast interview I’ve ever heard. Rogan did a magnificent job.

On Jan 4, 2022  Terran wrote:

There comes a point in all this that personal development becomes stunted in the face of the onslaught of the viral gore propaganda and the fight against it. [The frequency lowering effects from the polarity games. How do know a polarity game? When someone singles out someone they want you to hate. We are in a war of frequencies more than a war of information. Ask yourself why is it that even those who claim to be in contact with purported "white hates", knowing what is wrong with this planet, are busy generating hate in people.  Just removing the miscreants is sufficient! ] I reached that point a few months back. I don’t add value to peoples lives repeating what so many now do so well. It doesn’t serve me either. KP seems to have reached the same point and also feels what is about to happen on the radiant side of things. Radiance is arriving.

It was different in 2012, when everyone was under the spell of the bankers. But that’s broken now and the inevitable decline of their slave system. Their doomed panicked attempts to revive it is not supported by the energies, so they flail in the churn at the edges of the flow.

COVID was about several things, getting rid of Trump thru fear. Remember the impossible to verify videos from China of the PLA welding people into their apartments and people just falling over dead in the streets.  Nobody falls over in the street from COVID!  Every illusion begins with an allusion, which creates a presumption in the viewer who then creates their personal reality. With the fear cemented into place, Trump panicked and closed the borders but the virus was already here, [Kirkland Washington and New York City] perhaps by design from the beginning.

If the public knew about the pre-placement of the virus it would put to the lie the existence of the CDC and it’s ability to control anything, but it [the CDC/NIH/FDA] was to be part of the narrative that nature is hostile to man, [and created some evil bats from WUHAN to infect mankind] and sends these things at us like angry god pissed at global warming.  [The fact there was a biolab in Wuhan working with bat corona viruses to make them more lethal and funded ultimately by Fauci was called conspiracy theory! Yet it was true!]

I once asked my nonlocal friends about all the great epidemics, they told me all of them came out of a lab. [usually in China] Even before Louis Pasteur and germ theory! That doesn’t make much sense [from a human historical view of technology]  unless you know you’ve lived on an occupied planet [by hostile ETs] your entire life and that we are pharmed (misspelling intentional).  [China being the gateway used by a certain group of ETs]

China was the only country willing to begin it on its own territory at the Wuhan lab and we know Fauci funded it! But all of them were in on it and there was a underground lab in upstate NY near the Canadian border also producing COVID-19 (for use in aerosols?). [taken out of service and reported as an earthquake] It’s a chimera virus [COVID] which is unstable, so it was propositioned to magnify its perceived lethality and contagion before it petered out.

It’s rumored Omnicron is viral borne vaccine for COVID created by benevolent ETs. I don’t have data on that. But the reaction to it by the elites make me suspect there may be truth in it.

On Jan 4, 2022 GW Hardin wrote:

Your analysis makes sense to me. What makes even more sense to me is your recognition of the Radiance. I’m about to put together a paper on a new kind of Radiance. I’ve done a few experiments already to verify what the high angelics have given me. Should be interesting. I’m smiling at your posting my comments on the med bed. 

What I’m about write will go way beyond that technology. This “becoming miraculous” that I will write about will show folks that we don’t even need that tech. We are far more gifted than we have been willing to realize. Yourself being an exception. 

So stay tuned as the Radiance continues to roll back the Darkness. Your theory of Omicron being a closeted antidote has merit that will fit into this Radiance notion. As a statistician, it became obvious to me that the reason why Colorado had a massive outbreak of Omicron ahead of everywhere else also fits with the unexpected wildfires. The fires were a response to energetic cleansing or purifying of the energy here. 

I think you are now seeing Colorado being a metaphoric epicenter of the Radiance landing and spreading. Should be interesting. Stay tuned.

A thousand blessings,