Friday, January 17, 2020

Update for January

Hi, its still fairly warm in Texas, although today is cooler than it has been.

My cat Sammy has gone missing.  What's really odd is I have an electronic cat door that reads his RFID tag, so I know when he comes and goes and there's no record of him leaving the house but he's clearly not in the house.   Checking local animal shelters and putting lost pet ads out. I hope he is found I miss the little guy.

I am in need of $600 this month. If you can help out this blog and its costs I'd be very grateful.  January is always tight given the Christmas holiday expenses people have and I get that.  Its a cycle I face every year in August and late December-January.  I have not been able to send Heather any money this month for commissary as I am not even making my own expenses.

There's a link at the top of the web where the two trees are for donations.

Love you all, and extremely grateful to all of you for this journey of 7 years now.