Friday, May 19, 2023

Letting Go

Ferguson Autobody - Image courtesy of Scottsdale Historical Society
(notice Scottsdale's rural nature in the 1950s)

Wednesday night I had this very vivid dream about my dad's autobody repair shop.  It was in an old converted cotton gin from the 1930s near downtown Scottsdale.  Dad had customers like Senator Barry Goldwater and did some work for Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West school of architecture. Scottsdale was a bit different than it is today, it was rural with cotton fields, grapefruit orchards and alfalfa fields. 

The Dream

In the dream I visited it (in real life it burnt down after dad retired).  The front and back galvanized tin doors were open. But it was very dark there were no lights or street lights.  I called my dad on my phone and asked if he wanted it open, couldn’t imagine him exposing his tools to theft like that. He said “close it up son!” 

I turned on the flashlight on my phone but it was incredibly dark, almost like it was underwater  walked through the old shop, the junk on the floors was gone, it was just the shell of the building.  There was no sense of anyone for miles near by.  Truly empty.  Empty of any energy.  I locked the doors. 

In the dream I remembered Kryon talking about things coming up in dreams to be released and then I knew why it was so dark, there’s no energy left in it, it just exists as an historical archive somewhere in Source and it was time for me to let it go, there’s nothing there for me anymore.  Let go of a man who was just doing his best as he knew how.  

Parents are just kids trying to do what is best for the new crop of kids. In the end it's just data of experiences from a life on Earth. 

PS: My dad reincarnated as a boy near Sierra Vista not far from Tucson, several years ago.  He chose to return to his beloved Arizona.