Thursday, February 7, 2019

Conversation with Loie and 2 others on 2-7-2019
Advice on Creating

Terran: Talk to Loie?

Denice: Go for Loie

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: Bill. I am here, dear. Loie.

Terran: Crazy energy shifts lately! Did we go on a 2-3 year detour in 2016?

Loie: Yes Dear. Nothing is what it seems. Remember that. Specifically and particularly in the case of our Feather.  [Loie's nickname for Heather is Feather]

Terran: Oh that situation is difficult for me. I so want her free!

Loie: Bill you are not alone or isolated. I am with you always. 

Terran: I know. Wish I was better at conversing direct

Denice: (I feel there is a deliberate block. I honestly have never felt this before. )

Terran: In me?

Denice: (like the phone was hung up)

Denice: No here

Terran: With Loie?

Terran: Alt bandwidth?

Terran: That's unlike Loie

Denice: My end. Not me, but something near here

Terran: I'll look into your area and see what I find

Denice: I was getting from her lots of love and admiration for you. And for the H situation. And got the feeling that it is soooo not what it seems. Then lost it.

Terran: Hmmm

Denice: Funny, when I feel into this, I am getting a white granite canyon.

Denice: Pretty. Solid. But Cold.

Denice: And empty.

Denice: Like a door stop.

Denice: Feels emotionless. Just is.

Terran: Don't worry. We can try again Sunday or Monday

Denice: Very interesting!

Denice: Ready for a shift?

[REDACTED PERSON]: This is a nonpublishable subtle message of [redacted text]

Terran: That's very good news!

Terran: No need to publish

This flowed next, a being Denice has never felt before....

Message from Unknown being:

The pure love flows through all. 
Know and feel this. 
It is now.
Dot to dot. 
Line to line. 
She is free. 
She is all that is. 
She is with you.  
Return to your heart.
Thoughts are real. 
As connections flow. 
Thoughts become matter. 
This is creation.
Share this. Thoughts. Matter.
Create with care and intention.  
This is vital. Now is the moment.   
Pure thoughts in the frequency of pure love create the new and original.
Thoughts create physical matter.  
Thoughts matter.

Denice: (Gone without saying goodbye lol)

Terran: From Loie?

Denice: (Not Loie distant and slowly transmitted feels like a sunflower)

Terran: Good advice whatever the origin

Terran: Feels like the ALL speaking

Terran: Interesting

Terran: What did it feel like?

Denice: Emphasis was thoughts create. Become physical matter. Thus thoughts matter.

Terran: We are in new territory tonight. Good indication of where we are with the energies!

Denice: It felt soft. Yellow. Gentle. Unemotional. Solid.

Terran: Unemotional?

Denice: Yellow has a feeling to me now, but this is a particular shade of yellow. More canary than sunfloweršŸŒ»

It Could be a Wonderful World....

From the movie Xander Cage Returns (2017), the end of this clip is quite good...

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