Thursday, March 4, 2021

Update 1: Quick HATJ message regarding books sent


There has not been a whole lot said by Heather recently other than some personal comments to me.  It's kind of the moment we are in that not much can be said until it's all finished.  While its tempting to hold our breaths collectively, its also important that WE BREATHE!  Push pure love energy out into the ALL with every breath.  I will share this snippet below which is meant for ALL.

I was prepared to do this without assistance in that manner, well, in many "manners"..."graceful and easy" as we say.  Teams came out of the "woodworks" in unthinkable ways, positions, and places.  The unity throughin has been perfect and perfectly done.  A gift in every "way".  To me, my family, everyone in existence.  "Universal" is as an inadequate word as any other one attempts to label with.