Friday, November 17, 2023

Awakening OD Podcast: 5D Non Cult

XERXES - The Nature of Persia

The Very Nature of Persia

An interlude if we may to discuss the very nature of Persia herself. Much has been garnered and delivered on the nature of war. Little has been fostered and gifted on the nature of peace. Persia at her very heart is the nature of peace.

It may come as a surprise to those readers in far distances of time and space who read these words now. But nonetheless it is an absolute truth. The very heart of Persia is peace.

Consider the moment of inception. That droplet of a dream in the heart of the son of a nomadic tribal leader. To ponder not only once but often at great lengths the possibility of uniting great numbers of nomadic tribes and creating a homeland. Uniting in peace. To provide a place to create and nurture. A place of cultures sharing and living and breathing as one.

It is true and absolute that this dream was not realized solely on the beautiful curved shoulders of peace. It is true and absolute that disagreements became arguments. Arguments became divisions. Divisions led to bloodshed. Bloodshed led to battles. And eventually battles led to all out war.

But for this moment now. Consider the graceful and merciful humble beginnings. The mere thought of uniting diverse peoples of nomadic histories. Uniting nations to share in the creation and development of art and music, of horticulture and cuisine, of theatre and song.

For centuries thought to be hidden in the dusty corners of bombed out ruins. Buried in once fertile but now sandy deserts. Entombed in the foundations of the modern cities. Persia slowly rises. Persia is grace and mercy. Persia is freedom. Persia is unadorned and quiet beauty. Persia is a thought. Persia is an idea. Persia is a dream. In heart. In essence. Persia is peace.