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XERXES - The Animals of Persia

The Animals of Persia

It is of brief note of the reader’s interest in the animals of Persia. It is known that there are few of the more exotic animals original to the region. The large cats were long expired before even the father of the father of Cyrus was conceived.

The stories of old included the lion. The tiger. The panther. These animals survived to the east and the southwest. For the protection of their animals and their families, the nomads of the pre Persian era had whittled and wafted the feline enemies into regional extinction.

When Persia began to rise from these nomadic regions, Cyrus was gifted these large cats on many occasions. These cats were cared for at the palace by the bravest of men. When cubs were produced, these were trained with love and tenderness and thus became revered residents of every Persian palace. It was not unusual to see a son or daughter of Cyrus and later Darius escorted by a lioness or a panther while walking the streets.

Fish were another anthology to Persia. It was the variety of the bright oranges and the vibrant blues and yellows that paid homage to the new homeland. Canals and ponds were filled with fish from the surrounding kingdoms, often gifts paying homage to Cyrus and his merciful rule.

The birds were a sight to behold. In addition to the great Asian Peacock, there were long legged white cranes from the west, short legged blue cranes from the east, and pink flamingos from the north. Every songbird made homes in the grand gardens eating to their fill the lush insects thriving on well tended greenery. All birds of prey were revered.. eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls graced the skies of the cities and surrounding forests.

The horses of Persia were bred for stability and beauty and grace. White on white. Black on black. And black on chestnut were the featured favorites. Great care was taken to breed and raise them. Barns dotted fertile meadows on the edges of a town. Given prominence in the Persian culture. Coveted by and traded with the surrounding Kingdoms east and west.

Personal pets were an anomaly. Occasionally a merchant used a monkey or a parrot to attract his buyers. Domesticated felines and canines were unknown in the common household yet canines were abundant throughout the palaces.

Animals throughout Persia were well tended. Relied upon and respected for their contributions to the Kingdom. Service and beauty both recognized and acknowledged.

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