Friday, September 14, 2012

A Dreamtime Encounter With Galactics

Synthetic image I created with Photoshop of the
woman  I saw in the dream. Tthis is not an actual
image of an ET. But its very close to what I saw.
September 14, 2014

Around 3:30 AM I had a dream I was in Stagecoach Park in (Carlsbad CA) where they frequently have music concerts and Shakespeare plays during the summer.   There was quite a few people in the park and these square shaped UFOs showed up, very bright and slightly bluish. They had smaller squares at the corners, I can't remember if there was just 1 satellite square at each corner or if each corner had two squares.  These squares were part of the ship but could move, they were not rigidly attached it seemed.

The ships flew above the park and everyone was excited to see them.  Instead of being afraid everyone started doing the wave like at a football or basketball game to them.   The ships waved back by moving the corner squares back and forth.  Everyone was having a lot of fun interacting with these ships, nobody seemed to be the least bit afraid.