Sunday, December 25, 2022

Are We There Yet?


Ten years ago tomorrow Brian Kelly and I got a phone call from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.  That all got prompted by some harassment we got from Hong Kong for publishing a video of a "POOF Interview" about a wire transfer of 39 Trillion dollars from Hong Kong to The Bank of NY.  If you go back to the postings from Early 2013 you can read about that.  

Brian and I weren't really sure what we had stepped into.  The Internet was still somewhat in the golden age of online freedom, and the harassment was nothing like what has been created in recent years of de-platforming on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Yet we did get threatening emails from lawyers in Hong Kong and we pulled the video (out of fear we were endangering POOFs life) and later re-posted it when he gave us the go ahead. 

Heather told us she called to "straighten out the energies" we experienced from China, and thanked us for what we did and the data that was revealed.  China was trying to re-age old debt and pass it off as new money.

A whole lot of stuff has happened since then, which was published here quite regularly until about 18 months ago when I was asked to not do so.   There are reasons for that. 

Heather's filings are still in effect, as were the filings put forward during the court case in Tennessee.  She has not stopped working. I'm not an immediate part of that work at this moment.  I frankly could not be a part of it given the health issues I had in the summer and subsequent housing issues after that I had to work though.  I know a few acronyms but I couldn't really explain them right now.  It's not my role at this time.   But it is a continuation of the concepts she laid down in 2013, so you know most of it.  It will be explained when it's implemented.  I don't have dates for you.

At first everyone thought we were crazy in 2013 for saying the governments is a corporation. Not just ours, nearly all of them, whether democratic, or communist.  A lot has transpired since.  It's a known fact now.  

In 2017 while in the midst of the RKB/HATJ trials in Tennesee, Q began his disclosures, which was more a "how to" about research and a road map to significant data points available in open source documents online.  We didn't know who Q was, but the timing was very interesting. That came shortly after the jurisdiction hearing with the Court Magistrate when Heather revealed there was an ongoing "Universal Cleanup" of corruption occurring on this planet.  I didn't get all that deep into the Q stuff as I had more pressing matters to deal with in Tennessee. 

The the bio lab leak of COVID19 further "red pilled" a lot of people as the blatant use of tyranny in the name of fighting a virus for the public good, was just in everyone's face.  And it was the exact same response worldwide in a coordinated move we have never seen the likes of before.  We see that political overreach waning in the USA, Canada is still in the grips of it with Trudeau, Britain has back down on the lock downs after huge protests, and the dawn of light is appearing in Australia, haltingly at first, but its growing.  There are parts of Europe where things still look pretty bleak to those living there.   

I was contacted this week by one gentleman who has worked long and hard to educate people on the filings, but he was frustrated, at how long everything has taken, and frustrated he doesn't yet have "unfettered access" to his value.  And he means that in a spendable form.  I get that.  I have struggled for years and in the last 90 days worked my butt off just keep a roof over my head after my lease expired.  All I could tell him was "I don't know the when".  I can feel that it is immanent, but I don't know the details of when, nor the mechanics of how it happens, other than the mechanics that were already outlined in 2014 when the first bond documents were created.  I was 56 when this journey started, I did it so my daughter would have a better world, and at 66 my daughter is skeptical of everything I told her will every come to be.  When things take longer than expected, it doesn't make one a liar, it means it just took longer.  And look how many more are awake now than they were in 2017!

I am not a skeptic.  But I do know this is much more complicated moment than the times I was in North Africa or the Alps.  It will happen.  Hopefully before the end of my life, there are no guarantees, but if not I can at least be in peace knowing did what I did to get it this far or however far it needs to go.  

All the narratives of controllers have played themselves out.  Every monetary trick they have used to kick the can down the road has led to this moment now.  Its writ large in every war attempt to create WWIII (they think they can hide if the can get humanity to blow itself up - they aren't too bright).  

Freedom is a state of conscious.  I have seen poor people who are rich in life.  I have seen jailed people freed up to do the inner work they had to do.  The jailer is as much behind bars as is the prisoner, (although he does eats better).  I say that not to fob you off with vague philosophy, I say that because that's how I view it.  My expertise is not banking or law. But I will say what I know... We were always free, most of just consented to a grand delusion of separation from Source.  

We all live in one giant slave plantation, the most elegant slave system ever devised where most people think they are free... until a virus leaks, and you can't travel, and they shove swab sticks up your nose in the most intrusive testing of the public short of a cavity search.  They want to create CBDC digital money to monitor every purchase you make, yet oddly they'll pass a 1.3 Trillion dollar spending bill without anyone knowing where it's all going. There's no blockchain transparency on Congress.  

All of this last minute panic by the controllers is unsustainable.  They can't go off world, their underground bunkers are cut off, and once their ability to print money is lost, they can't have unlimited funds to bribe congress, hire mercenaries, or fund any of the huge energy siphoning hedge funds.

I can't give you details, other than what I feel.  For many that might not be enough.  WE ARE THERE. How you see it, will vary with your awareness.  It's okay to feel frustrated. Just don't camp out there. The food is awful. There are lightworkers who have been awake since 1970s and they are a very paranoid lot too, given all they had to navigate over the years.  I've met a few of them.  Everyone's moment of awaking is perfect, you can't preach a person to your point of view, unless they want to know.

There is no QFS, no NESARA/GESARA, all that is Chinese dragon narratives that keep getting regurgitated ad nauseam on the Internet since 2000.   Lipstick on the same old pig. People have a hard time thinking larger than what they've been used to.  

YOU ARE SOURCE.  YOU ARE THE VALUE.  EVENTUALLY THAT SINKS IN EVERYWHERE AND EVERY WHOM.  And maybe this paragraph is really the final step everything is waiting for. No politician is going to save you.  No banker or bunker is going to save you.  YOU SAVE YOU.  YOU ARE LIFE ITSELF.