Saturday, February 4, 2023

Denice witnesses US Jets shoot down Chinese Spy Balloon

Denice: Approaching. Should be interesting. Will send pics if possible!

Denice: We see it, but it does not show up on camera

Denice: 4 jets coming off Atlantic

Denice: They circle it
 and are leaving. 

BZ: Can you visually see the balloon?

Denice: Yes

Denice: Tiny... still there

Denice: Another two jets are circling further south. Another one?

Denice: Not visible in pics

Denice: Looks to be drppping and altitude and coming north west

Denice: Reversed course

Denice: Center of pic below jet contrail

Denice: Shot it down!

Denice: Hope it was just a spy balloon!

Denice: Debris field is 7 miles wide!

Denice: That was huge! No wonder they did not shoot it down over land.

Terran: Makes sense. There was a pretty big antenna array under that thing!

Terran: High altitude balloons are big!

PS: We noticed this energetic anomaly in one of the photos Denice sent.  Seems she had company on the ground during this event!