Friday, April 6, 2018

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The Great Dismal Swamp of the U.S. East Coast

We are in a moment of great change.  If you have been keeping up with the Q Anon posts, the speed of the Earth Alliance operations has greatly picked up pace.  I will caution that many of the followers of Q on 8Chan have a very simplistic view of what's going on and tend to have a conservative vs liberal bias. Yet when you look at what has been done it has no political, religious, ethnic border.  And its certainly not about Jews, as the New York Times is trying to paint it.  That trite broad stroking of anything perceived by them as anti-Wall Street must antisemitism just doesn't fly anymore.  This has no religious boundaries. There just aren't enough Jews in the world to even pull what has been done off. Think bigger.  And frankly Jews deserve more respect than that kind of media manipulation by the New York Times. Its not limited to any group. Its a planetary problem.

Conversely the pace of censorship by Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter under pressure of their "investors" and "advertisers" (ahem... CHINA INC).  The big Internet giants, according to Q, are all using the same AI algorithm that was in the hands of Edward Snowden in China, to target free speech they don't like.   What exactly Snowden's true role in all this is not exactly clear, double or triple agent or mole perhaps?  It does appear he never went to Russia at all, and that was all a hoax and he has been hiding in Hong Kong.  That story will come out in the wash.

BZ Riger had her web site I-UV.COM web site with all of Heather's work scrubbed yesterday requiring a complete restoration from backup files.  The IP addresses said Morocco but the attack spoke of a major state actor (most likely China which has always been behind and a partner of Morocco for centuries).   Morocco just doesn't have that kind of IT talent to do that kind of hack without assistance.  The country can barely keep its internet services operating.

The controllers (eastern "Dragons" and their western proxy burnable villain "cabal" of Rothschilds/Rockefellers and associated families wanted Hillary to be the next President, as did their deep state assets that they spent decades cultivating.   It was about disarming and slicing up America for profit.  Loose immigration policies were not about humanitarian concern, but human trafficking as they ones behind the scenes got upwards of $60,000 per immigrant from the IMF, and had "NGOs" in that immigrant.  "The American Experiment in Democracy" was always seen as threat to the old guard who controlled the planet.  The 2nd Amendment made outside invasion impossible.

Hillary and Bill secretly gifted public U.S. lands to the Chinese, various national parks, the mineral rights to uranium under the Bundy Ranch and other BLM lands as "sovereign Chinese territory" and "free trade zones".  They also sold Uranium One to the Russians.  The real estate take over has happened in Spain and Italy and other European countries as China begins colonizing Europe.  The bankers know this. There are "free trade zones" in Italy that have huge dormitories of Chinese (with children) turning out designer hand bags so they can be sold as "Made in EU".  

When the Chinese refer to "interference in Chinese financial affairs" they are referring to a world they believe they own as a "divinely chosen people" of the gods. China calls itself "the kingdom of the divines" or "the middle kingdom" (the proxy of the divines) and they believe they "merit" the power to say who gets what on Earth.  Yet they do not follow their own meritocracy rules and they know it. 
Chinese Dragons are trying to save face, because they know what happens next. Everything they did is seen.

Yet what happens next is a win for them and all, even if they "lose face" temporarily becoming known with all their doings becoming known.  They can't simultaneously blame the Clinton's and Rothschild's when they were Adam Smith's "unseen hand" as it were behind the financial system.  They can't have an RV/GCR and put the old gal into a new party dress and pretend they were not running the whole thing all along!

Houston pastor with links to the Bush family selling Chinese "historic bonds".   Many churches are money laundering operations.   Cash is easy to disguise as donations.

The recent clamp down of Julian Assange's ability to communicate by Ecuador is brought about by pressure from China on Ecuador . China placed some very difficult financing contracts on Ecuador in the early 2000s.  The reason we know that was Heather the banking lawyer working on a way to make Ecuador self-sufficient and independent and China undercut her work with the President there with side deals to various Ecuadorian politicians.  China always has strings on its "investments" and is not shy about pulling them as it is now doing with Ecuador, Venezuela and other countries.

Today this tweet appeared on Twitter from shows the state of panic that China is currently in:

Sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton and the Deep State doesn't it? That's not an accident.

There's a saying in banking, owe a little money, you worry.  Owe a lot of money the bank worries. Who better knows that situation than Donald J. Trump and the corporate bankruptcies he's been through?  Who better to restructure what is essentially the greatest banking fraud ever seen perpetrated on the world in the secret bankruptcy of American in 1871?

If you want to understand the way Chinese strategy works, learn to play the game of "Go" and read Sun Tzu.  Its about fencing in your opponents choices.  The Chinese are very good at it. Patiently working at it for hundreds of years.  They've infiltrated every agency, every institution, every judiciary on the planet.  We in the west can't conceive of such time scales of planning.  But its a rather two dimensional game that doesn't factor jumping over fences or conscious quantum tunneling through obstacles and seeming constraints in ways they never dreamed possible.

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is doing doing very well.  Honestly she's handing her incarceration better than I and others supporting her are.    How that situation exactly resolves I am not sure. This case began in China.  We've seen first hand the Chinese and Federal Reserve corruption of the Judiciary so I don't expect it gets resolved in the same way it happened.  I expect something unusual, whether a pardon by Trump, military intervention, or some other unexpected event... we shall see.  I would be surprised if her confinement last until her slated sentencing in June.

Expect the unexpected!