Thursday, July 1, 2021

Kryon 7/1/2021

Kryon 7/1/2021

As we move towards July with the Planetary New Year on the 26th July and the Lions Gate on the 8th August, the energy continues to rise and intensify.

There is no let up.

We are being asked to vibe as high as we can. As our bodies can sustain. So that we transit the Lions Gate to a much higher level of evolution in the New Earth.

We are in the "territory" of the Royal Lions now. The intense Blue light of Regulus coming into focus. It will be challenging at times. But...make your choice to be in the New Earth.To separate yourself from the drama and chaos of the old as it crumbles away. You are helping to create a New Heaven and a New Earth.

So...hold the energy...face forward into the New Earth timeline...and create your dreams. Live your adventure!

You chose to be here at this time. For this reason. To let your Inner Royal Lion emerge. Powerful and Empowered!

Now is the time!

Note: The video/audio  below is not a Kryon channeling but a talk on new health concepts and sustainability and human potential.

Kryon note found below the above video, kind of feels like Kryon is leaving bread crumbs in these side notes.

The predictions that began the shift in the change you are seeing now, are the ones from the indigenous. The ones who have been here for over ten thousand years. These are the ones who began to figure out what the stars were saying. These were the ones who talked to Gaia. They saw the potential shift over the 500-year periods of time. They kept quiet during the other predictions, but then after the millennium shift, they knew the predictions of their Ancestors were correct. Twelve years ago, when it became obvious that the old energy predictions were not happening, the potentials of the original predictions became apparent.

The tribes of the indigenous that were still left on the planet became aware, and together, they began meeting, and the shift and recalibration became real to them. The indigenous of the Northern hemisphere and Southern hemisphere came together, and they discovered that their predictions were the same. The modern Lakota, Hopi, Navaho, and the Maya began to realize that they were all one, and that the prophesies were the same, from the Ancients of all the tribes.

You're going to see the beginning of a new unity of Earth. There will be many names given to it - the Journey of the Feathered Serpent; the Awakening of the Puma; the meeting of the Eagle and the Condor. But those many names represent the shift, and are all the same. 

- Kryon