Tuesday, September 5, 2017

PAINTING The Meaning of Life

By Ellen

So, I've had as an artist a commission for over a year, entrusted to me by someone I care greatly about, and one thing or another has made its completion very, very slow.

Feeling an urgency of late to fulfill this lovely obligation, I made arrangement with a couple of dear friends, brothers I have known since they were 5 and 10 yrs old, to come to share their mountain property and in the beauty of my surroundings and with a minimum of distraction, devote myself to my creative effort.

I undertook to paint out of doors, but gnats and yellow jackets and 109 degrees on the porch, created another problem.

So, consulting with my loved and loving hosts, I sought out a shady knoll on the property, purchased a large, screened canopy (tent-like) and one of the brothers helped me pitch it. I moved my paints and canvas and easel and two chairs inside the screen, and painted most of the day today.

The quietude and natural beauty and and sounds of nature allowed me to enter into that serene space that we artists need and experience in creating our lovely offerings. But, then, the true magic started to happen.

The younger brother showed up later in the day, and did little things to make the place and equipment even more serviceable, and after that he brought a lawn chair and little table and put it inside the screen with the two chairs I already had. And then he sat down with a cup of coffee, to quietly refresh himself and his life. (All this while, I am painting at my easel. )

Pretty soon, the older brother came along, exploring the knoll and the day's accomplishments, and wishful of staying awhile at the screened canopy, among the pines, fetched another lawn chair for himself.

Conversation between brothers was lively and raucous, and fun and funny, warm and loving...and contagious. I SUDDENLY REALIZED that I had sought this situation, these loving, loving friendships, this camaraderie, this comfort, this place of creativity, this beauty in nature, this peace, these innocent interactions, all of my life...all of my fantasies about lotto winnings or some other windfall, were to CREATE this situation and circumstance that just presented itself to me as a GIFT!

"People will come to a little retreat of my dearest fantasy, I had said, and they will see what I see and feel a bit of what I feel, and they will want to be with ME...and plant gardens and play in the river, and we will sometimes just sit quietly and enjoy the birds and crickets in the evening."

And NOW, in September of 2017, these "people" of "that fantasy" came in reality, came TODAY to my screened canopy where I was painting, and all the innocent dreams and longings of my life came true for a couple of hours, as if a gift from the UNIVERSE. It contained the meaning of life, as I imagine it.

I hope you enjoyed this romp with me into a day in my life, and that you understood. Thank you for coming...


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