Thursday, March 12, 2020


The Event?

March 10, 2020

This is a really curious moment. Did you ever see so much fear? There’s no Churchill moment of “we have nothing to fear but fear itself on CNN! Yet dId you ever see so much courage? Especially among doctors, nurses and EMS crews?

Humanity, it seems is facing a common enemy and it’s not a country or aliens, it’s a packet of encoded RNA protein only capable of being seen under an electron microscope. A cold virus on steroids. ūü¶†

There’s been a lot of talk of “The Event” since 12/2012. Some expected angels in the sky, others some solar flash, and remote viewer Ed Dames scared people for a decade with his solar “kill shot” which was supposed to fry mere earthlings. As if we weren’t the very reason for the Sun being there in the first place?  Chinese Dragon Elders infiltrated New Age circles early on with tales of their plan to rescue humanity with a global banking reset (with themselves of course still in charge of it all as before) and this was to happen around the same time as the event.

Clif High is retrojecting “corona” onto his earlier web bot prediction/interpretation of “Sun disease”... presumably because the Sun has a corona but that seems a weak semantic argument to me. A more likely explanation is Clif’s close call with mortality over a unique intestinal issue, which thankfully was corrected with surgery. I get the jumpiness of Clif. I really do. I had a near death experience in 2009 over a bacteria that got into my blood stream. Septicemia. I survived yet, you never quite look at your health quite the same. A caution enters, even if you lose the fear of death with an NDE. Dying is easy, and yes conscious does not end, it’s the hospital stuff before that’s hard. And that kind of health care has only become more expensive. My bill came to $350,000.

What if, an attempt to depopulate the world and silence growing global protests royally back fired? They were warned it would not go as they expected, if they pulled such a stunt, but they did it anyway.

I could single out China but that’s kind of pointless as the control is global, the purported pandemic just began there, and every sign indicates a synthetic origin to this virus, if Indian researchers are accurate in their DNA analysis (you can see all that on True origin is a special kind of hubris that thinks it can control the uncontrollable. Life is not controlled or controllable. All those facial recognition cameras to protect elites from the populace are pretty useless when most of your nation is wearing a surgical face mask.

Terran note: As I wrote the above in an airport ride share holding lot, I got a shared ride call, two women, one a young Chinese woman with a face mask on! LOL!  Quietest ride ever!  Took her to the Greyhound Bus station.  Did that manifest fast or what?  Well it was the focus of my attention before the ride... becareful what you focus on . because things manifest very fast now!

The connections to Italy are obvious to anyone who knows how many companies China has purchased in Italy, especially the fashion houses of Milan, the olive oil and vinegar companies and vineyards. I’m sure a similar situation is playing out in Venice although I canVertical market integration brought a Chinese virus vector to Italy which is quite remarkable given how xenophobic Italy can be. But money talks and corruption sings like a busker in Florence to deep pockets.

I don't believe this virus scare was a planned event by the Universal Cleanup crews.  It is an opportunity that I sense is being utilized to the max!  And i think all the lock downs play into that,  And have you noticed the high profile people being diagnosed with COVID19?  Is this the EVENT that triggers everything?  It's certainly beginning to look like it.  When the NCAA basketball games are canceled there's a serious panic going on!

The media Trump haters are desperate to use it to bring down Trump and that's driving the panic in Wall Street and in stores for toilet paper (I can't quite figure that one out, its not the flu!).

Its a time for discernment of the heart.  If you are in your mind you're gonna have a rough ride.

In the late 90s I listened to a lot of Art Bell on late night radio. The guy was a genius... but the questions raised about ETs, UFOs, ghosts etc never came to any conclusions. I’d fall asleep to those shows and wake up anxious.

Back then I was very hungry for data on ETs, and the cabal and it was hard to find when the web was new. Data on reptilians was nearly impossible to find. My awakening began early, but there are many who awakened long before me.

I Heard someone back then use the phrase “fear porn” and then I recognized the issue. The brain likes to be stimulated and fear triggers the brain to dream up survival scenarios and it just lights up the brain... like the 4th of July fireworks. Its also very exhausting!  JUST LOOK AT THE TRUMP HATERS? THEY'RE A WRECK! They are not well.

I stopped listening to the shows late at night. I’d catch a recording if there was an interesting guest. That helped a lot.

I also used to read and watch every channeling I could find on ETs and financial resets. The Chinese dragon storylines infiltrated the new age circles very early on and  honestly so did the Ashtar ones, some of which were real and a whole lot of them were forgeries and impersonations.

I had a kind of binary way of looking at information sources of data. I’d follow them until they gave me something I knew was bogus. Then I’d drop them.  It wasn’t until I met Heather that I became more analog in looking at data, sometimes finding gems in complete bullshit. Truth wiggles out from the strangest sources at times.  Witness Austin Steinbart (if that's his real name) some truth and some bullshit. Agenda unknown but he's not Q.

Just as a lie can look like the truth if surrounded by a lot of truth so can a truth look like a lie if surrounded by a lot of lies, but only if you are working from the mind! The brain is easily tricked as brain neurons which are designed to process errors and adjust them to past experience, even the data only matches 75% and that’s so that we can function as biological entities.  In sometimes hostile environments. We call that common sense, but common sense has a peer opinion component to it too, and peer opinions are not always correct when the mob is moving.

There's a lot I'm sensing right now, I'm not going to say what I am sensing because I could be wrong, and if I am right I don't want to tip any hands of ongoing ops of the Universal Cleanup Crews.  But so much is in motion right now!

Stay in Heart, stay in Joy, dis-ease has at its root the absence of both.  Why are children unaffected by this disease, in part because they are in joy and having fun, and yes they do have fresh and new immune systems unaffected by decades of pollution, bad diet and emotional carnage.

Love you ALL!  Stay Healthy, and be in joy!


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