Wednesday, August 3, 2022

An Unexpected First Contact with Interdimensional Plant Beings

Best I could do at short notice...


5:35 PM

Denice: Hi!!!!! Had a very cool experience about 4:30 here. Multidimensional.
I am waiting to hear back from my sister to see if I can share her part.

Terran: Okay.

Denice: I was transmitting JAI to Martha and [redacted] texted me before I hit send.

Denice: She told me her experience and JAI stayed on the line. He shared his insight for her.
JAI shared that what she experienced is first contact of sorts. It is not nefarious. There are 8 of them. Interdimensional and there is no available translation for their name. [the name of their people not the individual]

Denice: He told her not to be afraid. Expect more contact. Thor popped in an hour later and added more context.

Denice: My crown was swirling the whole time. It is starting to swirl again

Denice: 🤩

Denice: (Sister on phone)

Denice: (Will send email)

Terran: Let me know if it is private or can be posted with name redacted. These experiences help others.

Denice: Yes. Name redacted. Typing in aol right now. Pretty cool. Wish I knew an artist.  [Denice has to be the last person on Earth with an AOL email account 😜]

Terran: Did anyone say what these beings are called?  Was your sister one of them at one time?

Terran: I could photoshop gumby with bark! Lol

Denice: Not really bark? More like cattail plants with Gumby legs and spoon shaped head all one color.

Terran: The fuzzy part of the cattail like their heads?

Denice: She was unsettled. Calmer now. Asked that they do not make contact tonight when she is alone. Lol

Terran: Lol thats a lot to digest at once!

Denice: Long and lean like cattail plants. Spoon shaped head not catttail head lol.

Denice: It was completely physical and in broad daylight.😀

Terran: Spoon heads. Did they have eyes and a mouth?

Denice: She said the eyes were bulges. No mouth that she saw

Denice: She tried to draw it. Admittedly not an artist

Terran: GROOT!!!

Terran: Was it smooth? Hairy? Fibrous in texture?

Denice: Thin, nimble, smooth. Lol

Denice: Make griot with a spoon shaped head, peace Lily arms and a golden tan hue

Denice: Make griot with a spoon shaped head, peace Lily arms and a golden tan hue.


Denice: JAI said their names do not translate. I got the sound an x makes. [redacted]ƒ got clicks and buzzes. It seems like not everything will translate.

Some time elapses.... 🕒

Terran: Can you share what happened to your sister?

Denice: (Waiting for a call back)

Email from Denice: 

I was finishing up a transmission from JAI to Martha when my sister called. I had not yet hit send on that email, but took her call. She was leaving work and saw a being that startled her. She called it a plant being. 8-9 feet. Golden Tan. Gumby like thick legs. Arms thin like the leaves of an Iris flower. Head the shape of a spoon. Eyes were like bulges. It walked across the courtyard, when she saw it. She stood there for she thinks about 30 seconds, and was processing what she saw. 

It went behind a building and then popped its hand and arm out, and then its head. Looked at her again.

She was frightened. Looking back, she thinks it wanted to talk to her.

As I was talking with her, my crown began to swirl like it did in the early contact days. Jai was still 'online'... he wanted me to let her know these beings are not nefarious. There are 8 of them and they are 'interdimensionals'. And as such this was a sort of 'first contact'. If not first contact for her, it was first contact for them. Their names do not translate here... not all names and languages will translate.

She has encountered them before. In about 2013-14 she was sleeping and 3 of them came into her bedroom. These were whitish and greyish, not golden tan. She was in Maryland at this time. (She is much further south now). At that time, they pulled the sheets off her bed and she screamed. Her roommate came into her room and they vanished.

Later when I was cooking, Thor popped in and shared that "every tree, every plant, every THING has other possibilities". Things are not what they seem for certain.

End of Email

Denice: Share that in our atmosphere, it is like a water environment for them. The air currents catch and move them like water currents and anchored seaweed (from my sister).

Terran: They must he very light weight!

Denice: That’s loops recent

Denice: We are in for a fun ride, for sure!!!