Sunday, April 11, 2021

A Glimpse of the New Earth? Clouds?

Terran note: for those of you overseas not familiar with Kansas, the State is as flat as a stroopwafel.  Especially the part Martha lives in.  

Martha: I was over at Margaret’s for a bit this afternoon, and as I went out to my car I could hear the most unusual sound. It was a bit like horns or bells, or maybe a flute. I could hear traffic, but it didn’t ebb and flow with the traffic sound. it seemed to come from far away, and more or less the southern sky. Rather lovely to hear.

Martha: Also, as I drove east, I could see what appeared to be hills or mountains in the rear view mirror, and I was thinking why I had never noticed how high the hills are out there. Well, it was clouds. But it looked very much like I was seeing mountains. I stopped where I could get up high and took a picture.

[photo of Kansas with what looks like mountains]

Terran: Maybe you are seeing the new Earth?

Terran: Sounds could indicate a frequency shift.

Martha: Maybe! Margaret saw the “mountains” too.

Martha: At any rate, something’s going on. Eyes open.