Monday, March 15, 2021

March Value for Value Request


It's been a strange first few months of 2021.  Lots of rumors of things, most of which didn't happen. I've been avoiding propagating rumors I find no support for.   We all had our hopes for a quick resolution of the problems in this country, but for the moment, it appears criminals win in the short term, but nobody believes their lies anymore.  Nobody believes the media, it's worse than the old Pravda, and seems beholden to the CCP.  

Those I thought would never wake up have their heads popping up from their hideouts.  No longer content to be the nail that doesn't stand up, lest a hammer find them, the words "enough is enough!" is everywhere in the air.

Old narratives, especially those regarding banking, are recycling fast in furious, including ones I thought I'd never hear again, in one last attempt to gain consent from the ALL, but they don't have it.  Ancient families promises of reform at pennies on the dollar of what they owe is no long acceptable.  Debt forgiveness talk is also bogus, there is no debt.  There is just one gigantic fraud from Orion.  

A side effect from so many being forced to have time off during this purported pandemic is that people have been reconsidering their lives.  And many don't want to return to their old habits.  Many have done a lot of internal work in the last year, clearing whatever within them that no longer serves in these frequencies.

My sense is a third scenario that nobody has considered is developing.  And one things for sure its pretty clear both political parties are beyond corrupt.  So delays in expected scenarios, or ones that never play out, may be the precise thing that needs to happen, for whatever Source is directing in this moment through all inbodyments on this planet. 

I need to raise $700 or better for March. If you can help support this blog for March there's a button with two trees on the side of the blog for those using desktop browsers, those on phones can visit the donation tab.   My gratitude and love to all of you, many who have been with me since 2012.  Beyond grateful for all you have done!

I love you all.