Saturday, June 18, 2022

I'm home

After 5 days in the hospital, I am home now. I am no longer on oxygen.   I am not sure why what happened, happed when it did. A convergence of frequencies?  I knew there was a problem the last 3 months. I just didn't know what it was.

I've made a number of observations about the medical system, although I must say I was probably in the best hospital in Austin. The staff and food was excellent!  Never had good food in a hospital before. Even a restricted diet tasted good. 

They honored all my requests about what I did not want, and privately the nurses confirmed some of my thoughts about the system. I won't violate their confidence by repeating that here at this time.  They don't have many options other than do the best they can to help people. 

I am on some meds for the time being.  Some of which medicare covers, some it does not.  Some life changes to be made.  At least I know what the issues are now. Diagnosis tend to be binary and digital, while the body is analog and responds to frequencies.   This is an area I will research and I don't expect there are quick answers. But there's clearly vested industrial interests that like things this way.

Lack of exercise during the lockdown was not a good thing. Very grateful to the ALL for the opportunity to see how all this we have been working on unfolds.  There can be no doubt events on the planet have vastly accelerated.