Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Loie Session 2/26/2017 - Greek Fishing Trawler Snags Covert Undersea Drone

This was some unexpected data that came in the flow.  Have not yet seen any 3rd party confirmation of this in the news.  -Terran

Terran to Denice: I feel Loie.

Loie: Bill, I am here, love!

Distracted for a moment by an angry blog reader.

Terran: Sorry got sidetracked by a reader in distress

Terran: Hi Loie

Denice: Its ok!

Terran: He got made at me because I wasn't posting Cobra and wanted to know why
When I told him it made him even madder

Loie: Oh, Bill. I am always with you!  Feel me? Loie.

Terran: Cobra has created a religion [whether deliberately or unintentionally I don't know, but people get mad when I don't follow him, post his meditations, or question his data and data sources... I choose to stay out of that situation.]

Terran: Hi yes I feel you for many minutes

Loie: Love, all is perfect. Even those who have edges and curves, love!

Terran: Lol

Terran: Some have rough edges

Loie: And some have smooth curves, love!

Loie: It is all perfect!

Terran: Feeling energy on the top of my head

Loie: Sending you a frequency, love.

Terran: ūüĎć

Loie: What do you feel?9

Terran: Like hands on my head

Terran: (Sitting in a chair)

Denice: (Lol. . the 9 jumped in there on its own) [Denice didn't type it]

Terran: Hmm

Loie: Perfect, Bill.  Sending another

Terran: Should I resend these or explore them?

Terran: Feeling it in my heart now

Terran: Still feels like hands lightly on my head

Loie: Oh, love. As you feel. Trust your heart! I do.

Terran: I feel them but not always sure of the purpose or use of each frequency whether it's for me or the all.  This feels like an uplift frequency?

Loie: Bill, they are always for you. Then as you feel to do so, you may send to all!

Terran: Ok

Terran: Seeing a fishing trawler pulling a net up in it is a torpedo looking thing looks scientific

Kind of like this but with a clear front

Terran: Called a bathyscape or bathyscope whatever that is... [could in this case feel the word]

Terran: (sp?)

Denice sends me: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathyscaphe

Loie: Boosting love

Terran: Has a transparent front presumably for a camera

Terran: The flag is blue and white?

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: It's too small to be manned

Terran: This thing launched mini drones thru a hole in the front

Terran: Little black drones that swim more like a combo of cuttlefish and squid movements?

Loie: I am with you, love!

Terran: The end of that steam

Loie: Bill, feel my love and rely on me as these moments follow a unique path, love!

Terran: Ok

Terran: I think the trawler is Greek

Loie: Call on me as you need me. I am with you!

Terran: Only flag that fits as it was blowing I couldn't tell the design

Terran: This path begins now?

Loie: Yes, love! Now and always!!!!!

Terran: Wow I feel you!!!!

Terran: Body is getting very warm

Terran: Amazing frequency what is that? Something is imminent isn't it?

Loie: Yes, love. Feel it and share it. It returns to you one thousand fold!

Terran: Sent! That was strong!!!!

Terran: A new one now.... with smooth curves... lol

Loie: Perfect, dear!!

Terran: That is strong too...

Terran: These are totally opposite from what I was feeling this afternoon [an energy dense location in Texas that I did not enjoy]

Terran: Sent that one too