Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Viewing Session with Loie - 2/23/2017 and 2/28/2017: Homes In Antarctica

Antarctica home 2/23/17

These kind of viewings I can hold the flow long enough to write about a sentence or two. Any longer and I lose the flow continuity which is why the descriptions are sometimes brief.  I my try doing these with a voice recorder to get more details without typing.  The scenes here vary from temperate to tropical, it feels like there are a number of micro climates, which can support multiple forms of plant life in an area.

Terran: Loie?

Loie: Hi Bill! Here I am!

Terran: I feel you!

Loie: Ready for a fun moment, dear?

Terran: Yes love

Loie: Here we go!

Terran: Can u boost?

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: Mag storm lol  [Referencing the shutdown of the Telluric Field Anomaly generator as the earth fields rebalance]

Terran: KP 5 [geomagnetic disturbance index at ]

Terran: Can you boost again Loie?

Terran: Think that little doing did it?

Terran: Starting to feel Loie I wonder if magnetics affects all this?

Terran; Cable Internet won't stay up

Terran: SMS is working

Loie: Yes love. Boosting.

Loie: All is affected now, love.

Loie: As all flows.

Terran; Should I feel this one or explore?

Loie: As you feel, love. Follow your heart.

Terran: Seeing a unique Tiffany-ish lamp [hanging lamp from ceiling over a table or counter]

Terran: Made of thick wires like bicycle spokes in the shape of a vortex, top vortex cut short, bottom vortex forms the shade with turquoise green glass inserts.  Wires of vortex frame are black. Striking contrast between the blue green shade and black lamp frame.

Terran: Love the design

Terran: This house or office has very modern minimalist style

Terran: There's a skylight room arching curved ceiling white with blues and green stain glass

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: Side glass curves outward transparent but with large ripple waves in it unique

Terran: Another room has crimson carpet short coffee table black granite and some teak and glass display case with oval openings for artifacts

Terran: 3 display cases

Terran: What is this place?

Terran: Outside is a patio covered with a black space frame awning exposed cedar showing underneath

Loie: Boosting, love!

Terran : Has a kind of pacific NW climate maybe slightly dryer

Terran: Feeling for location this is a home

Terran: Interesting side walls

Loie: Boosting dear!

Terran: Kind of bulges out like a Dr Seuess house but has Kyoto style roof

Terran: Creamy yellow common color in California spanish colonial style homes, almost gold

Terran: Workmanship is flawless

Terran: Like the Swiss built it

Terran: Whimsical (which is not so Swiss, Swiss don't do whimsy...)

Terran: Boy I can't get a location almost want to say Antarctica but not a strong feeling if yes

Loie: Boosting, love! Feel your way.

Terran: Lost the house stream got an image of a very strange snow vehicle has kind of a screw like thing on top and wheels if snow is to deep or soft this thing tunnels itself thru it
For very deep snow

Terran: Seeing the warm part of Antarctica it's ringed by mountains

Terran; Crater? Volcanically warmed?

Terran: Almost a jungle with one very very large tree looming over it

Terran: I don't feel volcano activity

Terran: Interesting geographical anomaly

Terran: Ringed by snow peaks

Terran: Yet lush forests

Terran: Large tropical birds

Terran: The house is here

Terran: Antarctica

Loie: And boosting.

Loie: My house I think

Terran: Seeing an interior view feels like a living room wall is angled has an a asymmetric angular fire place of rough dark stone.

Terran: Lighting illuminated the blueish grey slate colored wall making it warm

Terran: Kind of a thick cozy couch opposite side windows with wide wood slats for blinds

Terran: Boy this place feels like a recent memory

Terran: I love the design

Loie: Yes, love. It is yours.

Terran: There's a curving stone stairway that goes up maybe 15 feet on the right side of the couch there's an arch under the stairway that is an opening to go outside lots of natural light and greenery
I design great homes!!!

Terran: I think there is at least on bedroom upstairs

Terran: Going to look

Terran: Stairway is ivory color stone.... wall next to it is that grey stone heavily textured surface cracks like tic tac toe in each stone but each stone slightly bulged out in the middle

Terran: I think the cracks keep it from echoing

Terran: Not a bedroom more like a game room or semi formal eating room tables with thick purple builtin couches for lack of a better term. Like you might play poker or board Games here or eat here for a party

Terran: Seeing a bedroom but don't think it's on the same level

Terran: Don't quite understand the decor... The mirror puzzles me

Terran: Room has Almost a gaudy Morroco look in turquoise mirror is chrome has rods around it with flat circles on the ends with chrome wires woven around the rods like a basket.   It's an odd mirror I don't think I like it anymore. The wires might be something energetic.  [Later realized it might have been to energetically assist looking at myself from this current form's energy level, going to look at it next time... ]

Loie: I am with you love.

Loie: Boosting, love. I am with you.

Terran: There's a pool or someplace to swim Gerry [typo] ... Here

Terran: How "HERE" became Gerry on Skype... I don't know... Lol

Denice: My cousin Gerry passed Jan 21. ☺  [didn't really know what to say to that ...  he made his presence known...]

Terran: There's a kind of stone grotto there are holes in the roof donut shaped to let light in

Terran: This pool is natural and connected to and outside river or lake and can swim out one side most is covered seems to be a natural cave I think the light holes were bored through

Terran: No chlorine smell

Terran: There are underwater lights to illuminate the pool

Terran: It's very natural can see roots coming thru the cave ceiling

Terran: This house has a nice vibe

Terran: Loie can you help me see what I look like there? [attempting to see the form that I will soon have]

Loie: Yes, love. Sending a frequency now. You can flow outside your form or see your reflection.

Loie: Your choice, love. Ready?

Terran: I'll try the flow first

Terran: Ready

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: 👍

Terran: Oh man I have a hoodie on!!! Let me fix that

Terran: Let's get natural

Terran: Can you boost?

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: Seems to have been a colorful robe... With a hood has stripes of burgundy, gold and deep purple (almost a black)

Terran: I can't see myself ... Yet I can see the stupid furniture sheesh

Loie: Boosting, love!

Loie: Oh, love! All is perfect!

Terran: Seeing the hair can't make the face yet

Terran: Sleepy now. :)

Loie: Boosting, dear! Start with the eyes.

Terran: I need to revisit this after resting

Terran: Saw a lot [tonight]

Denice: ☺

Denice: Cool!

Terran: Can you explain how I'm here and there?

Terran: I am feeling velvety energies. Those are nice been feeling those last several days..

Terran: The Complete Earth feels like that

Terran: Joyful

Loie: Bill, love. You are where you feel at the moment.  Awareness is key!

Terran: So how do I make there as real as here?

Loie: Allow all to flow. It is working, dear!

Loie: Your awareness expands, dear. Feel that!

Terran: So I could be in either location by shifting awareness?

Loie: Yes, love.

Loie: By feeling awareness.

Terran: Is there any time limit if I leave one body?  [It is a hard habit to break the "time" habit of speaking.. and it is a limiting concept... ]

Loie: No love. No limits now!

Terran to Denice: Continue tomorrow??

Denice: Yes

Denice: Night!

Terran: Nite!

Denice: ( I am calling phone numbers listed for the Antarctica jobs. US. No luck so far. Lol)

Denice: Maybe they evacuating? Lol

Terran: Lol!

Denice: "(703) 656-6064 The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time."

Terran: Lol

Denice: What fun!

Terran: You are hilarious! Guess your proving out that video!

Denice: ☺

Denice: I wanted to actually talk to a person live about Antarctica! Lol

Denice: Woo woos need not apply, lol!

Terran: Some day "woo woos" will be highly valued

Denice: Lol! Tell that to my family ;)

Terran: Well your in good company there! [Many of us have family that think were are slightly nuts if not totally nuts]

Denice: Nite! I am drained☺


Denice: How are you?

Terran: Good was worried about you last night [Denice was missing for most of the day after she sent me some messages (which I missed as I was outside) that Loie was trying to contact me]

Denice: I don't know what happened... I am just now shaking off the last of the stiffness... at least I am no longer groggy!

Denice: I was out of it!

Denice: oh, Loie popped in yesterday 2 x. . .once when I was in the shower. . .

Denice: the next about an hour later ;)

Denice: It must have been when you were posting the Antarctic data?

Terran: Maybe we should connect with her

Denice: sure!

Loie: Oh, Bill! I am here, love! Always!

Loie: Feel me now?

Terran: Hi Loie! What happened to Denice last night?

Loie: Bill a very large download of data.  It is settled now, love.

Terran: One of those kind that takes a bit to decompress?

Loie: Yes, love.  It will reveal itself as needed.  You are moving through a very swift change, now. And there is nothing to compare it to, love.

Terran: Me or all of us?

Loie: You and all.  It flows swiftly.  Primary point of origin will be the Source Fource, of course, love!

Loie: Then throughout all.  It is, as you have said, "the moment", dear.

Loie: (giggling)

Terran: We must be like roots

Loie: Oh, perfect, love! Yes, roots and more!  Ready for a frequency?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Sending now, love!

Terran: Feeling that on hips and lower back

Loie: Here is more love.

Terran: Resending and amplifying

Loie: Now, love.  Ready for one with a visual?

[Some private personal conversation redacted here with Loie unrelated to the house regarding energies over the night...]

Terran: Sorry didn't mean to interrupt the flow of this now

Loie: Oh, Bill! You are perfect, love!  The flow still flows, just jump in when you are ready! Sending the frequencies again, dear. . .jump in the water is warm!

Terran: Seeing something like a cliff face with a crack

Terran: The crack is an internal rock stair case down the clif face... only seen one other like it at Mooney Falls Grand Canyon

Mooney Falls, Havasupai Indian reservation, Grand Canyon
The stone staircase was on the right, at least when I was 17, don't know its status now...

Terran: It's kind of like seeing people in an ant farm (watching them walk down the stair case)

Terran: There's a bottom half circle cave exit lush vegetation

Loie: Boosting, love!

Terran: There are some groundhog/marmoset animals just outside popping out of holes observing. Like early warning sentries lol [after I had reached bottom]

Terran: Stone step path

Terran: Up to the left there's a fog in the forest

Terran: Visibility about 100 meters

Terran: Going up. I think large bamboo on left some sun coming thru now as we come onto higher ground

Terran: Can you boost? There is a house

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Loie: I am with you!

Terran: Short trimmed hedge on the left followed by grass the trail is wider here

Terran: There is a cliff and a lake below, coming out of the cliff is a cedar like portion of a house like part of the house is in the rock and someone wanted a room to look at the lake from...

Terran: Maybe protrudes 10 feet out on its cantalever

Terran: Has a wood shingle roof

Terran: Seeing the glass like front very cozy looking. A woman built/created this

Terran: Going into the house in the rock

Terran: There are small trees inside appears to have light or openings for the trees

Loie: Boosting, love!

Terran: There is a bedroom with the biggest bed I've ever seen

Terran: Very wide

Terran: And long but maybe only 2 feet longer than normal

Terran: Frame and headboard is from bent logs maybe 6-8 inches thick. Sturdy and rustic and homey. [I have seen similar such beds in Texas made from cedar poles]

Terran: There is a bookcase with glass front

Terran: Books are volumes bound in leather hunter green with maroon labels and gold. Someone's treasured reading books

Terran: There is kind of dining area and it's large informal several tables

Terran: Tables have tressel type legs style (V shaped) reminds me of American colonial but very large wood legs they have been turned on a lathe

Terran: Has almost a pub feel floors are also wood and show signs of much activity

Terran: This room is or was used a lot

Terran: For visitors

Terran: Off that is circular opening to another level with a bronze rail that has what seems to be a circle of bronze candle tops sitting on a circular bronze pipe. Not sure if this is decorative or actually has flames if turned on. Would be dramatic if that is the case

Terran: There is another room with a canopy bed. Canopy is like very thin white silk and how it stays in that arch (almost inflated profile) I'm not sure given its sheerness

Terran: It's a very airy effect

Terran: This room has a hobbit type window and an interior walls that are Tudor, like someone flipped the Tudor motif inside out

Terran: There is now a observation deck that is like a ships crows nest. Down below is a very large tree kind of like a banyan tree shaped like a light bulb

Terran: I get it's called a monkey tree and yes there are monkeys in it

Terran: It's like an ideal monkey tree given the way the branches intertwine

Terran: I think that house is in Antarctica

Some chatter with Denice...

Denice: 30 mins left . . .back to Loie?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Bill, I am here love.  Ready for a frequency?

Terran: Yes dear

Loie: Sending now.

Terran: Oh that's a wonderful heart frequency

Terran: Feel that in the heart

Loie: Boosting

Terran: Sending to the all

Loie: Perfect, love!

Terran: Feels like I'm being hugged

Loie: Oh, dear! I am with you!  Know that. Feel that always!

Terran: You must have formless arms around me!!! 😊

Loie: Ready for another frequency, love?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Sending now.

Terran: Can you boost?

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: Retransmitting

Terran: When I resend that it kind echoes up and down inside me

Loie: Magnificent, dear!

Terran: Will I eventually develop a better sense of what these frequencies are? I feel them but don't really know much about them. I do trust they are important to the now...

Loie: Yes, love! You are doing wonderful work.  And you do feel the difference between them occasionally, right?

Loie: So all is perfect. . .baby steps, love! You are perfect!

Terran: Oh I feel them they are unique each but I don't have a sense of their usage I guess for lack of a better term. It's like looking in a toolbox when you haven't seen tools before, and not knowing the genesis of their shape and their use

Loie: Love, simply feel the energy and set an intention. . .all flows from that moment.

Terran: But 3 years ago I never even saw the toolbox so this is progress

Loie: Yes, dear!

Loie: Ready for one more frequency?  Describe it as you feel it.

Terran: Ok

Terran: Ready

Loie: Sending dear.

Terran: Feels like hands on my head

Terran: Feel warm around chest

Terran: Skin slightly electric on arms and face

Terran: Then pulses from stern to bow

Terran: Then like a ball of light flashes within

Loie: Beautiful, dear!

Terran: I did not understand what pure frequency beings did until we began this work

Loie: Bill, I am with you always. All frequencies are available to you always.  And every way.  So just ask, dear! Loie.

Terran: Thank you Loie. Often I don't know what to even ask

Loie: As you feel, love.  As you feel.

Terran: No words and so much is new to this form

Loie: (sweet laughter again)

Terran: I see this stuff I've created without the memory of doing it, it's a curious perception

Terran: Is this me learning about me?

Terran: All things new again?

Loie: You are learning about you and all, love!  The micro and the macro, dear!

Loie: In a manner that works for you here now.

Loie: And ever expanding, Bill.

Terran: That word "expanding"... I felt in my being

Terran: Like that word is echoing down my essence in the all

Terran: It's reverberating

Terran: From the all

Terran: I'm all over the place!!!

Denice: (have to gas up the van before work)

Terran: OK

Terran: Love you Loie!

Denice: have a great afternoon! later. . . . .(sun)

Terran: Thank you Denice

Loie: Bill, I love you always! And I am with you, dear!  I am not going anywhere.  Loie.