Sunday, March 19, 2017

What Andorra in Antarctica really was....


Contan Ribart told me he was lowering the "shields" of Andorra.  I did see him access a control room off a cobble stone street.   Nabrac detected no change in the shields.

I posed a number of questions, in my bewilderment of what I was sensing and feeling, to Heather, she wrote back:


The question of course I had next was "what does that mean?"  I was feeling quite unsettled.

Heather then wrote this to me:

[3/14/17, 9:25:55 PM] 

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .:

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .:

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: See if u can open it and watch it...fitting...and answers your overlighting how to get the answer from within (heart) (hug)

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Why do you feel bad???????  [Terran note: I felt very confused  and especially troubled by the frequencies I felt from some of the Andorrans... particularly my counterpart inbodyment there...]


HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (inlove)

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: see?

all is perfect and perfectly done ;) (heart) (hug)

[3/15/17, 9:27:27 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: From Arthur: 
39. It is Real if you Allow it to be. 
Whenever you wonder if something is real, you already have the answer. Do you want it to be real? Do you choose it to be real? 
When you sense something... when you feel your intuition gently pull, when you hear a whisper from your angels, when you feel the touch of Spirit... perhaps you wonder if it's real or "just your imagination." Are you really able to sense your angels? Could you really live your favorite dream? Are you really wise enough to know the best choice for you? 
The true question is: Will you allow it to be real? When you trust yourself enough to allow what you sense and imagine to be real, it becomes real - because you have chosen it and given it life. You are the Creator.
HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Seriously, all is perfect

Terran: That really makes the picture clearer! Lol (heart)

Terran: Are they being seen then vanishing?

Terran: WTF is that place some "cutout" to bait everyone in there?

Terran: Gold, diamonds, tech, ET ships, an entire hidden realm even!  Everything a cash starved banker wants in collateral!

Terran: And Roxella almost dropped the RV word on Denice last night but caught herself...

Terran: This just gets weirder

Terran: (drunk)

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: "WTF is that place some 'cutout' to bait everyone in there?" was...and now it is removed...and all those who were aware of it are scratching their heads...some their asses.  lol

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: there is no rv

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: for all the reasons we have discussed for years...and more

Terran: Oh I get that part

Terran: All this seems so circuitous...

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: "Are they being seen then vanishing?"

They have been seen for decades upon decades... for strategic purposes that are being made visible now... and now it is all removed

Terran: Are those beings no longer in form?

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: here is the all...

all is within....and a few needed the reminder via experience

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: all is beginning and no end

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: forms are like wear them, you change them...and you just can choose to go "full monty"

as one feeeeels to

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: wonderful all aspects

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (heart)

Terran: I'm stunned!

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: lol


Later next day... in a conversation with Nabrac

Terran: Nabrac were the names of the 11 in Andorra original garden names or are these later forms?


Terran: Who were they?


Terran: In a copy of the original garden... where are they now on the Complete Earth?


Terran: Quarantined?


Denice: (He does have a sense of humor -- showed me an image of them hiding behind seals. Lol)

Terran: Lots of seals in Antarctica too! LOL!!!

Terran: Nabrac everyone is feeling the frequency fluctuations will this go fast or be drawn out?


Denice: (Showed me two kids on a long toboggan. Going fast downhill. Cool hats like Martha knits. "Holding on and letting go" makes sense now)

Terran note: A further explanation from Heather while my head was still spinning from the speed of all this.... I still didn't understand the complete context even though I participated in the December 2015 "doing". We shut down  the intel base we sent the workers home after Heather got in inner message from someone she grew up with who was stuck there in a tense situation. As been the case often, its when something gets out hand it comes into the flow to be seen.

Shortly after we did that "doing", Archbishop Kirill of Russia made a hasty trip to Antartica as have many other "elites" since.

I did not know about Andorra until I did some deep digging... I thought it was just another Galactic base.  Heather began hinting "it's what's behind the ice the ice that is important".  I only knew about the intel base, which apparently, in retrospect, was run by the Andorrans.  Andorra is the name I called it based on the data I pulled with Loie and Nabrac recently.  I had also seen several US and RF bases and one Galactic Andromedan/Orian/Lyran base.

Heather has never identified it by name. Heather never works with identities and often does not know names or even what beings look like, which gives her much less limits in the data she pulls in.  She feels frequencies. My work has always had a strong visual component. Forms by nature are visual. Forms, names, identities are a type of limit.  There wide swath of beings he go by no name at all for that very reason.

All beings are equally valued by Source, all beings are Source, even those who may be operating under limiting beliefs (often given to them as children by their parents and schools), There is no "higher or lower" in Source.  Only choices of experience.

Heather wrote once again clarifying what just occured some more: 

In complete context...all is seen and experienced by all, all ways.  Feeeel it....what kind of perception creates a "heavenly, serene, all-access world that is separate from their own, that can only be seen and accessed from only 'one spot'"?  (Antarctica). What kind of perception then restricts access to that spot and moves "heavy weapons", "heavy equipment", and "heavy personnel" to that spot...for what?  Penetration?  Cause it is perceived by these secretive ones that it is getting "too heavy" here with all that is being made visible?  Why all the elite influx to New Zealand and South America of so-called elite?  Closest jumping points to Antarctica? Do those perceptions of separate, hierarchy, secrecy, and limits flow now? 
Imagine all the ones in collaboration this last operation took to move all that so money, assets, etc. required/demanded to move all that sooo quickly.  Right after Lisa [Shannon], Bill and I toned the closure/cancellation of the Antarctica doing... all that movement done that weekend. 
If you had to think of a way to make those ones visible, have them deal with their fear and choice of inaction here, while getting them to drain the last of their "purse"...well, they are doing it. 
Now, for the last bit.  Imagine designing a way to swiftly and completely shift perceptions that hold on to such deeeeeeeeep beliefs of an "outside savior", "only the best and strongest get saved", "only the chosen get saved", "only those who merit get saved", "only those who are worthy...", etc etc etc... and the measurements/requirements for satisfying those deeeeeep beliefs only allow for the few of all... well, if all that had to be shifted completely at speed of heart... and make visible that location is a property of being... what would work with these ones to do that?   
Turn off/remove from Antarctica, and otherwise make tangible and for experience by all here, every where, all they thought could only be accessed from Antarctica. 
Phewwww!  What a HUGE doing by all!!!  December 2015 was exhausting setting up Antarctica doing... this was easy peasy!!!  Most did it while keeping the body very relaxed/laying down, too!!!  HUUUUUUGE amounts of energies poured out by all!!!!! Magnificent!!!