Friday, April 28, 2017

Sessions with Loie in the flow: the King of Morocco and Space Exploration

King Mohammed VI of Morocco

[4/24/17, 9:44:06 AM]

Loie: Ready for another frequency, love?

Terran: Ready

Loie: Sending, love!

Terran: Coming out of a garage like building men in Arab clothes but houses look like 60s California

Loie: Boosting dear!

Terran: Feeling more like Morocco possibly Casa Blanca which is similar in some ways to LA

Terran: In a shopping district some teenage kids running thru (not unusual)

Terran: Passing a red terra cotta colored Riad

Terran: Appears to be a private Riad/Hotel with gardens

Terran: Ornate Moroccan tiles

Terran: Not sure what this is about

Terran: The King of Morocco is here

Terran: Must be a palace (he has many in Morocco) he's sitting at a desk in a surprisingly small room

Loie: Boosting, love!

Terran: He wants Morocco to be involved in space exploration

Terran: Sees it as a way of modernizing his people in a joyful way

Terran: It is the current king but he looks healthier than when I left Morocco. I did not realize he was so animated in discussions. He's quite entertaining

Terran: Feels like the end of that flow

I spoke to Heather about this, she thinks the city I saw might be Rabat rather than Casa Blanca given the color of the building.  Morocco is building a launch site and is involved with the Swiss Space program, but the flow I saw appeared to be a conversation between me and him (yet to happen?).