Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Update from Heather June 11, 2018

To: William Ferguson
Subject: lockdown and entire pod search
Date: 6/11/2018 2:33:44 PM


we have been on excessive lockdown since friday, June 8, 2018, @ 7. pm.... 69+ hours

same excuse as every similar incident since February 1, 2018... not enough female pod officers, only two for four pods

only today, they got caught with "enough" female pod officers on premise when a female inmate in our pod had a medical emergency... and they all rushed in to respond... lol!!!!

after they were caught, obviously the women in the pod did not accept such blatent deceptions...and many asked for grievances... here comes the hilarious part.... wait for it!

officer king pops all our doors, saying we have an hour out...everyone is surprised... i am preparing my things to go take a shower, finally, when.....15+ uniformed personnel swarmed into the pod and ordered all the women into the caged rec yard.

Of course, being curious, the women watched through the windows at the doings going on... until an officer yelled at us to go to the other side and face away from the windows

for some, me included, they took our commissary, tablets, cups, etc..... and when i stated i could present the receipts for my purchases, they told us to lockdown and they would address that issue in a moment... there way to handle it was to wait until we were all locked down, and then tell us to fill out a grievance

on the even brighter side, the woman with diagnosed MRSA was removed, in handcuffs, from our pod during the searches... for having weapons... 2 weapons