Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Thank You!

A thank you to all the wonderful beings who have helped over the last 6 years! 

Thank you to those that provided housing, donations, articles, leads and in the roughest moments being a good friend to confide in.   The past year was long and exhausting.  

I sincerely appreciate all of you.   So does Heather and her family, and the crew that worked on the law case. 

I appreciate everyone of you.  We all do.

PS: Randy is now in Ohio.  Heather is in Pahrump Nevada but expects they will be moving her soon.  Heather only gets 10 minutes a day in phone calls so I don't hear much from her by phone, 10 minutes is barely enough time to talk to her kids. 

Email contact with Heather has been sporadic with about 60-70% emails each direction not getting through even though there is nothing controversial in them.  We don't know the rationale for that.  Email has improved a little bit in recent days.