Monday, September 24, 2018

Update from Heather 9/23/18

Terran note: Heather's big toe (Denice and I feel its the left big toe) was broken last week, and was infected.  We don't know how it became broken (Heather can be very private about some things) but Stan X says it wasn't the result of intentional BOP guard or inmate violence.

Denice: in an email from h:

HATJ: all is better than perfect and perfectly done 😉

HATJ: toe is better and healing got fixed by the doctor and the dentist at the dentist's office, using the dentist's was a hoot!...we will all be telling that story for generations to come...I had a blast, and them even more!!!... they were like two little boys, totally curious, excited, and thinking out of the box 😉

HATJ: good times