Sunday, September 30, 2018

Status 9/30/18

My car acted up again Wednesday after working great for 12 hours. I took it back to the repair shop.  Turned out the root problem was a cracked spark plug insulator.  I had him replace all the plugs, since he had all the stuff on top off anyway, and it runs better than ever.  I don't know for sure the coil was bad. The two repairs ended up costing a combined $450.  I have neither the tools nor the expertise to do those repairs. A huge thank you to all who helped out with the car repair costs!

I was able to work Friday and some Saturday which has helped. Hopefully get some in tomorrow too.  If a check I'm expecting electronically deposits on the 3rd I will be in great shape for the trip, other wise its going to be close call. I'm sure it will work out. 

Denice wrote tonight: "Hurricane Rosa will hit Baja [Mexico] and the path goes thru AZ and into Colorado! Crazy!"

The weather service says its a tropical storm, not a hurricane.  Might have been a hurricane previously I don't know as I haven't been paying attention to it. Rosa is coming into Baja Mexico and is predicted to move into Arizona and Colorado about the same time I am traveling hitting Colorado and Utah on the 3rd.   They are predicting 4-5 inches of rain in Arizona, which is like a weekend rain in Houston or Tennessee but a big deal in the deserts of Arizona and Utah where the water just runs of the sun hardened soil and flash floods.

If you could all send energy to Tropical Storm Rosa so that it dissipates safely for everyone in the affected regions.   We had good success with Hurricane Florence and this is no where near as dangerous as that one was.   But it will make driving challenging.