Friday, October 19, 2018

Status Update 10/19/2018

I'm pretty much completely unpacked now, still organizing things a bit which is typical after each move.  In a period of just over a year I have moved 6 times. TX to DC, DC to Knoxville, Knoxville to Oakridge, Oakridge to Gig Harbor, Gig Harbor to Portland, Portland to Durango.  Durango is a very beautiful place to be with very clean air and water.   Today visibility must be at least 200 miles, thanks to recent rains. Clear blue skies like I remember from my youth in Arizona.

The trip was a bit more expensive than I expected, got away late from Portland after cleaning and packing and I got only as far as Pendleton Oregon the first day, was just too tired to drive further.  Also had to stop in Cortez CO to adjust to the altitude change to 5000 feet.  So basically two days more expensive than I had calculated. The best laid plans....

I had a number of unusual intuitive events happen along the way to Colorado, it felt like I was experience a lot of personal upgrades while I was in Portland and they seemed to kick in on the way out of Portland. 

I was driving thru Idaho and the Waze map app wanted me to take this off route thru street of Albion which is not on I-84. I found the routing absurd.  I switched to Apple maps instead.

A little later on the side of the road was a billboard for haunted house tourist attraction. I thought of the essence still on this side haunting of the veil in that building and immediately I felt it arrive. I guess I’m a beacon going down the freeway as it was.

He was fearful he wasn’t good enough... and punishment for whatever he regretted doing while in form was awaiting. I had this telepathic conversation with him about how there is only love and no judgement in Source and he really needs to transition as everything is changing soon. He accepted that and crossed over and was gone. They won’t be making tourist money off him anymore at the haunted house.  A different sort of human trafficking was going on there I suppose...

As I got near Boise Idaho there was this massive semi and flat bed trailer with a giant 30 foot long potato on it going down the road. Idaho Potato PR thing I guess. The cab had the letters “It’s Real!” I stopped at a gas station, texted my friend Shaw about the unusual sight and went inside to buy a bottle of water.  This phrase popped in my head “That’s a lot of French fries! ūüćü I got back in the car and Shawn had replied to the message I sent about the ginormous potato with that exact phrase! 

Last Saturday I went to a BBQ about 10 miles from here.  Two Nashville musicians and others who have down a lot of court filings based on Heather's and others work including a lot of "courtesy notice" (created by Ken and Scott Bartle of Australia) filers. One man has been following Heather and Caleb's work since the Charlie Miller days in 2011, when they personally delivered foreclosure notices on the Rothschilds and the BIS.  It was a good reminder to me that everything we do interacts with other human beings and we don't really know how far and how wide our influence can be.  There's thousands if not millions of people doing quietly and having an impact in their own communities. Sometimes when things are rough and the world seems to be continuing its downward race, one can feel a little bit alone.  But nothing is further from the truth!

The Nashville musicians I met (I will omit their names), one was tall and lanky (drummer) and the other my size (bass player). I said to tall one “do you have leukemia?”, as that word flashed in my head. He replied “yes I do!” I was floored I picked that up! He didn't look sick but he was lean. Definitely a new ability!    We had a short discussion of using CBD oil to deal with that affliction, and he, like some others I have spoke to have had some bad reactions to CBD.  Not that everyone does, some have experienced complete remissions from cancer, but it seems to vary by individuals.  I only stayed 4 hrs as the altitude at 8000+ feet was really getting to me.  However by the next day I noticed that blood oxygen jumped by 4% was nearly normal, the adaption to altitude is progressing very well. A younger person would probably adapt faster than I have.

Another lady I met had a really rough month. I kept getting this nudge “give her a hug”...  but I was also a bit self conscious not knowing the person very well but the "nudge" wouldn't go I just blurted out “do you need a hug?” and her eyes got watery...  she really did!

I need to raise $500 for the end of the month, and get my car re-registered here (I can't do ride share driving without local plates and driver's license - commerce rules).   The more immediate need is for around $200 for food for the rest of the month.   If you can help out, click on the trees on the blog margin, even $5 donations add up with this audience.  

I am considering doing a subscription based newsletter with data I have not been posting the blog based on events and things I come across.  I try to keep the blog on a more positive note, so many people are currently uncovering the darker side of this planet, something I once did when I started writing. I wonder if that is really awakening or just the alarm clock?  P lenty of people press the snooze button and stay unaware.  I found it came to a point where all I could say was "YEP ITS BAD!" and it was more important for me to focusing on consciousness and developing my own inner abilities.  The more we all do that the faster all of this goes.

I love you all!  

PS:Please keep in mind Beverly in Kingsland Texas.  She provided accommodations for me after I came back from the Italian Alps until the time I left to go to DC to find out what happened to Heather. The Hill Country part of Texas has received enormous rainfall in the last week, and a 30 foot wall of water came through an overtopped the reservoirs there, and it's still raining.  Bev's home is fine, the garage flooded with an inch of water which will drain, but no water in the house.  Her yard is flooded and still draining.  There are many people without homes now and two bridges are out of commission (the one on Lake LBJ washed away). Here's a video of Lake LBJ