Sunday, December 23, 2018

How to Send Holiday Commisary Money
to Heather and Randy via Western Union

This is the location of Heather

It's a good time to let Heather and Randall know they have not been forgotten.

The Bureau of Prisons is pretty limited on the number of phone calls inmates get, limiting them to 300 minutes a month (10 min a day), except for December where they get 500 minutes a month.  Commissary money pays for telephone calls and personal hygiene items like shampoo and soap and feminine products, or  any snacks or vitamins they want. 

The standard prison meals are worse than what most pet owners would feed their pets, although the Federal Prisons seem to at least conform to minimum standard, some of the State and County contract facilities are filthy and do not meet standards set by the US Marshals.  A cup of coffee or a bag of Doritos now and then helps ease the grind of confinement.

One of the easiest ways to send money is to download the Western Union phone app.   Once you download it, create an account with your email ID, and register your debit or credit card with Western Union.  I took some screen shots from the iPhone app and will show the steps below.  The android app will likely be very similar.  Note this is probably only applicable to US citizens. 

From the main screen of the phone app
 (it may differ from this on first use) 

Select Federal Bureau of Prisons

Next select "SEND MONEY TO INMATE", 
Since all Federal Prisons use the same system you don't need to specify which prison.

Fill in the First name, Last name and Inmate number for Heather its 86748007


Next you will get this screen below:

You will then go through a series of confirmation screens, once complete you'll get a confirmation code.

The screen shots above  are for Heather, you will need to substitute Randall  Keith (middle name optional)  Beane and his inmate number 52505074 to send via Western Union to Randy.  But you know that...