Wednesday, January 23, 2019

GAIA PORTAL: Perturbations in the matrix are felt by all

Terran Note: I really wasn't expecting a lot after the lunar eclipse. I mean really how many lunar eclipses and mass meditations have their been since 2012?   But on Monday morning I was contacted by Thor (Andromedan Command), AnDreas (Ashtar Command), Riggolt of the "Yellow Submarine", and Lyrada of the "Lyran Command" (first time I've spoken to Lyrada although a friend of mine has had contacts for a good while as they are "old friends").  That's not happened in about 18 months!! 

Granted I knew there was many operations going on since Heather's court case that could not be spoken of, so I was not getting a lot of communications from them and I knew why.  But beginning about last Wednesday something big shifted with Thor's "DISSOLVED" message, and accelerated from there.  

I am not sure which messages I will post if any from Monday, I really want to see this stuff happen so I am a little hesitant to let the cat out of the bag prematurely so to speak.  I'll decide on that today.  This Gaia Portal seems to confer that we're at both the end and beginning of something new.

Perturbations in the matrix are felt by all
by √ČirePort

Perturbations in the matrix are felt by all.

Planetary awakenings are near completion.

Fairy tales are abandoned.

Dark forests are cleared.

Nature Spirits rejoice.

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