Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Heather's Detox Conconction

During the trial in Tennesee, Heather taught me how to make a concoction for detoxing the body. Tennesee is a very damp climate with a lot of mold. And I picked up some sort of respiratory infection there in Oak Ridge during the winter.

This seems to work particularly well with digestive and respiratory issues. It's an old family recipe and I forget where exactly she said it came from, I think an Italian grandmother.  But I could be wrong about that.  I meant to make this earlier but was snowed in here in Colorado and was out of onions and garlic.

I am not a doctor and neither is Heather and I make no claim this will do anything for any health condition you may have, or fix/detox your pineal gland. But from my experience it seems to work wonders with the digestive and respiratory systems.  Naturally if you are allergic to any of the components don't consume it, that's just common sense.  It has an interesting side effect that makes your skin clear and glowing. The effect is noticeable within days.  If you are older you may also notice less pain in joints.

4/5 of the human immune system is within the digestive tract. If you lighten the load on that part of your body it makes it much easier for the body to deal with other infections that may be present.

The recipe is pretty simple:

  • 3-4 quartered lemons (organic if you can get them, but you can always wash off the peels if organic lemons are not available in your location)
  • 2 Large Red or Yellow onions (don't use Maui or sweet Vidalias, you want the kind of onions that make you cry when cut, as they are rich in complex sulphur compounds)
  • 1 full cluster of garlic cloves, peel them, they don't need to be crushed. Garlic should be a strong variety, not the fermented black garlic or Elephant garlic (much too mild).

Quarter the lemons, put them in a pressure cooker. Coarse chop the onions and put them into the pressure cooker. Peel a complete garlic, no need to chop the garlic. Add water to level marked in pressure cooker and cook for 20 minutes. Let pressure cooker cool and return to normal pressure. Use a hand blender and puree the contents of the pressure cooker. Consistentcy should be similar to Apple sauce. If there is a lot of water remaining, cook lightly until consistency is reached. Put mix into glass jars and chill.  If you don't have a pressure cooker you can cook in a large pot, it will just take longer.

To use, In a large water glass, put 3-4 tablespoons of the mix, add boiling hot water to thin. Sweeten with honey to taste. Depending on the quality and freshness of the lemons (some lemon peels are bitter are like grapefruit) you may need more or less honey. You will not notice the taste of garlic or onion, something about the boiling with lemons negates both the smell and taste of raw garlic and onions.  The lemon also looses some of its acidity while boiling with the garlic and onions.

Consume 2-3 times a day or as you feel comfortable.  The lemon pulp (and citric acid) seems to do some sort cleansing activity in the gut, and well the garlic and onions are full of wonderful compounds that are good for the body.