Friday, March 8, 2019

A note of thank you!

I was pretty sick for about 10 days, snowed in, unable to go anywhere, not even a doctor.  Plus my car was stuck in the mud. We've had a very severe winter here, snow like they have not had in decades.

I had some sort of a lung congestion, whether it was pneumonia or mycoplasmic I don't know.  The effect was much the same.  I didn't really know if I would survive last weekend.   But I did.  And lungs are now clear.  Had some pretty amazing dreams during this all.

Those of you more experienced with snowy climates I am in awe of your hardiness! 

I just wanted to thank those who sent donations in without me asking. I don't know how you knew but it's greatly appreciated!  Truly and profoundly grateful for the consideration and love!

Love you all!