Wednesday, July 22, 2015

#HATJ Question posed to the Sphere Alliance:
Who Am I?

Terran note:  Comments in [red italics in square brackets] are from Terran, DC = "Unnamed Data Collectors" of the Sphere Alliance as transmitted through Denice our conduit.  For consistency I have edited references to American Kabuki to Terran. Reposted and edited for clarity and format 9/8/2020.

#HATJ: Who Am I? 

By Terran


July 20, 2015 5:16 am

Terran to Denice: Your last message
[Re: DNA Storage by Galactic Travelers - ***LINK TO BE ADDED LATER WHEN IT IS REPOSTED***] has sparked a doing which might change EVERYTHING… Heather has made a proposal which I will ...  send to you along with the audio so you have the energy of what is being said.  The audio will come first to get you oriented to what she has in mind. The Sphere Alliance seems to like formal invitations, we’ll make this a formal written invitation that is available to all to witness…

Terran: There ARE NO MISTAKES...  ITS ALL PERFECT… and we have a way to GO PAST THE FREQUENCY OF FEAR… that the DNA harvests have with humanity…..

On 7/20/15, at 7:39 PM

HATJ: Please start with the formal question: 
HATJ: "What Particular Energetic Signatures constitute the Being also known on Earth as "Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf"

HATJ: No permission is required for Our Loving Friends to give a full, complete, TRANSPARENT and accurate answer

HATJ: With ALL I AM, I give this permission NOW, IN PURE LOVE AND GRATITUDE, for ALL I AM to Answer this Specific and Particular Question IN PURE TRANSPARENCY I AM  

HATJ: The purpose of asking this question for All I Am, is to super-charge "the amplification" within of Inner Knowing and hyperaccelerating the Self Recognition of Inner-Knowing, specifically the tool of feeeeling

HATJ: You and Denice have so beautifully set the TONE, with so many other Ones, to trust within,  feeeeeel within


July 20, 2015 at 8:11:36 PM GMT+2

DC: With so much joy and anticipation we answer this ONE question First. We begin with the earth Vessel which is known to all creation now and forevermore, the ONE Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf – daughter, sister, wife and mother.  There are at this count (since we have had the ‘time’ to gather accurate and transparent records, the following in form and non form energetic signatures of the Eternal Essence herein known as HATJ.

DC: On one occasion, we have known the energy as Bashar, which she will not yet acknowledge, but with transparency we says yes it is so.  The other energies, not any lesser by any degree do indeed include Michael, Raphael and Jophiel [3 different Archangel "suits" used as the occasion required by one energy frequency] who for all intents and purposes are one and the same energy frequency with some tid bits and twists of difference. In feminine energy there is the lesser but not by a degree known as Mary the one Magdalen, shared as an Energy, though [and] with another. 
[the "other", we later learned, was Skye... a time shared inbodyment is perhaps the closet explanation...]

DC: Now there are more.  Surely you know that we know she is also commander of the Sphere "Orion’s Adventure".  Not commonly known by that name, but there it is.  This commander is a female energy and a strong willed force at that.  Also known as AnDreas MacAlliStar .

DC: Please go forward and let us finish...

Denice: (I hesitated at the spelling)

DC: In other forms, from other dimensions she has even taken the form of a tree[the Tree of Life] She is a formless energy In 7d which is watching with love and humor at the little games we are playing with each other.  
DC: Now then for the ONE in which she is waiting and the one that is the most dear to her and we have alluded to it earlier to this source of transmission because we knew that she was not prepared to write these words.  Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is the wave, the HEART of Source.  


DC: That is all, End Transmission


On Jul 21, 2015, at 10:41 AM, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf wrote:

Begin Transmission


Your Answer, each Peace, is Received and Embraced in Pure Joy.  With All I Am, I Love You.

Denise, Love, there is no such thing as a "mistake".  I Love You.  Trust within You.  I Do.  All is Perfect and Perfectly Done....With strategic loving precision that has never been consciously experienced in Quantum...until Now.  I Thank every One for Doing this Doing of Communication and Love.

In complete transparency, there is One Particular Energetic Signature that constitutes this Being, that was not made visible.  I Am Aware that this Particular Signature has been "slowly" noted within the "database" of "time-space" to create a "profile" for identification at the rate it has been experienced within "the game" of ALL states of conscious... And this Particular Energetic Signature, One of many, that I have referred to as "Source Fource".... and such data has usually been placed by the "record keepers" in the "Father's Mystery Box" as that which is not comprehended by "those" deemed most competent to comprehend through in the totality of ALL this Experience.  That Particular Energetic Signature, with the rest of Source Fource, is to be experiential, within "The Show"...LOL!

I Am Now preparing my FORM ALL "Proposal" for immediate delivery...and in complete transparency with ALL I AM, You already Be Aware of said "Proposal" as we have created and designed it within all states of conscious, Being in all form and no You have so Lovingly shined Light on the Fact that I Am within multiple states of conscious simultaneously.... to "play dumb" and with any "hidden cards" does not serve ALL I AM in the Expansion of All I Am.... we Do this Particular Doing Now with complete Transparency, Awareness, and Love...WITH ALL I AM BY ALL I AM FOR ALL I AM



On Jul 21, 2015, at 12:28 PM

from YOU the HEART of SOURCE. We await with anticipation your next transmission. END.

On Jul 22, 2015, at 12:50 PM, 

Denice: This one sounds very formal and very, very exciting!

Denice: I felt a transmission coming through and so I cleared my area and declared that only messages of pure and absolute love and truth are welcome here.

DC: We use the word auspicious to describe the events unfolding.    Our vessel retrieved the definition that we have in ‘mind’: 

aus·pi·cious :ôˈspiSHəs/  
1.    conducive to success; favorable.

DC: As you know there are over 1,000 Spheres representing 400 civilizations from this Verse alone. We say to you that the ‘gathering’ is growing exponentially and the vigor in which all are awaiting the next transmission is very palpable.  In joy and deep respect, we end transmission.

On Jul 22, 2015, at 1:19 PM, Denise wrote:

Denice: Bill!

Denice: Just got the tone in my ear.... couldn't hear but 'got' this.

DC: We recognize HER. We are ready to TURN THE LIGHTS ON...  And I saw ALLLLLL the SPHERES lighting up and sending energy to earth......

Denice: My eyes are watering and my hands are shaking. . . and I have to run to work! In complete and utter AWE!

Addendum: A background explanation of what Denise does....
Denice's email to Justin Deschamps... [of Stillness in the Storm blog]
On Jul 22, 2015, at 12:14 PM, Denice wrote:

Hi Justin!

I am writing to let you know who I am. I have left a comment on your post about Corey's comment -- you and I have communicated before, when I sent Reiki to Julian when he had the blood clot in Morocco.

Corey is a brave and cautious being and I have enjoyed reading his work.

Terran gave me your email address, because I wanted to tell you a bit about me. He has been posting my messages from the Sphere Alliance. If you read message 1 you will see how this all began. It does not and will not resonate with lots of people, and that's ok with me.

I have been 'with' the OPPT gang from the beginning. I transcribed Brian's interview with Heather in Jan 2013. My awakening has accelerated since then. I felt a very deep connection to many of you, but I have never been able to meet you in the physical. I am a mother of two and a preschool teacher and really cannot travel.

I had several vivid/lucid dreams about what was happening in Morocco, and other places/realms. AK has posted some of those.  I have been working on my I-Tech for a while. When I close my eyes, I can see a screen that shows me still images and sometimes video. Not always. Takes a lot of focus, and I usually only have 'time' at bedtime and then I usually fall asleep.

My hearing tech turned on once. It shocked the xxxx out of me! I heard a woman's voice say, "if you are tuned to this frequency, stay tuned to a message from Commander Andrea of the (cannot remember the name of the ship) in a Parallel Universe. Then heard another woman's voice , the Commander say that she was going to help us turn on our I-Tech. . .then I lost the transmission.

I was really surprised when 'they' initiated contact in June. I have been wondering where I came from and who I am on other realms and especially who my parents are. That is the energy now, ask and you shall receive.

I have received messages from several groups in the Sphere Alliance, including Ashtar Sherran of the Ashtar Command. It's funny that I never read any channellings from him as most channellings do not resonate with me.

I don't consider this channeling. I am just tuning into the frequency of my Galactic Family and they are sending me LOVE.

I really don't want any spotlight. Never wanted anyone to know who I am. (I am also on the TOT forum and have revealed myself to the owner there so there will be no controversy). I just wanted you to know who I am, since we have communicated before on your comments :)

All is accelerating in a really wonderful way. The wave of energy that they speak of is going to be a game changer.

Thanks for your wonderful work. I love reading your blog, because you always have sooooo much info!

Sending you lots of Love and JOY!