Thursday, November 19, 2020

Update 1: The REAL Trump Train???

Update 1: Added some URL links that were missing.

I found this conversation in a backup account Denice has on Skype.  I don't know if I posted it before but its from April 2017, just after I got home from my umbilical hernia repair surgery.

There are conversations that have been lost over time. Sometimes because they came in at odd hours or moments and didn't get transferred to my notes.  Sometimes there were interruptions.

The TIPPING POINT conversation in  the summer of 2016 is one I have really wanted to post, but unless the NSA or Galactics send me a copy its lost forever!  Part of the conversation was Skype, part SMS and part Skype conference call.  I do have a recording somewhere but its pointless without the text to give it context.  It was the first conversation we had in which Lockheed Martin and the LOC chime in, so very historical in many ways.  But perhaps certain ones were not meant to know what transpired in that conversation with Heather and the Galactics.   

Heather told me in 2016 Donald Trump would be the next President, I just laughed.  I didn't want Hillary but I didn't think Trump would succeed.  "Just wait until they figure out who he is!"...  she told me.  But I hadn't a clue.  And I wouldn't get a clue about DJT until after Heather was put into prison.

After my mother's death on July 13, 2017, I didn't hear much from Loie.  Nabrac has not been heard of since Heather was arrested in Washington DC.  Thor  says Nabrac is "on assignment".  No doubt both are extremely busy in these final moments.  

Just 48 hours after I returned from my mother's funeral in Wyoming I got word that Heather had been arrested in Washington DC.  I didn't even know she was going to DC! And thanks to all of you on this blog I had enough funds to get a plane ticket there!  Jim in DC who was so very kind and gracious enough to lend me his couch until I could raise enough money to pay for a motel room in Arlington.   These kindnesses will not be forgotten.  It was very important that I was there, as there were so many documents that had to be printed and filed with the court which Heather could not do with a golf pencil from jail. There were tasks those of us on earth had to see through, and to be honest Heather and I and everyone else is still in the midst of those.  Completion comes shortly.

There are off world and on world military tasks that have been ongoing.  I see glimpses of them here and there but I am not going to use my contacts to inquire on them right now as what data I need to know is coming internally and that comes with no risk of tipping hands.  There are things Heather does that I am not yet able to do, doesn't mean I won't be able to do.  I know I am capable, its just more an issue of remembering.

Two things pop out at me in the data, half empty airports and a world in "crisis" (even if its an artificial COVID crisis).  Almost like they were embedded time markers I was not aware of at the time!  None of which was foreseen in 2017.  And then there is all the references to the "TRUMP TRAIN" during the Presidential campaign.  Another temporal marker?   Is this scenario still in play?  I don't really know.  Plans are always situation dependent, something that those who hold so tightly to ancient prophecies seemed to not grasp.

I don't know what to make of the data except a portal train did emerge again in the Antartica data flows this year with Thor and the Andorra base in Antarctica.  So they do appear to exist.  I was a bit perplexed by the data in 2017.  I like most of you, have had pretty complete amnesia in this life of my prior lives.  Heather has a pretty much a complete remembrance since the summer of 2015 in the Italian alps. That used to frustrate me to no end, but I have learned to live with the fact that I may have designed my awakening that way for myself.   Whether the train (which connects to several places on Earth, like the Malibu Pleiadian base) is the same one that came in the flow in 2017,  I don't know.  It just feels pertinent to the current moment.  This is about 2 months before the whole saga with Randy Beane began and the resulting trial. All events that were unforeseen, at least by me.  I see two possibilities for the current COVID situation, most of it is a complete hoax, or the controllers unleashed something terrible and don't know what to do, in which case this data would also be pertinent.  But in all frankness I think COVID peril is vastly overstated. 

APRIL 25, 2017

Denice: Blossoms recent post was interesting. I am not sure how much energy folks have to go forward? To stay in"high vibrations"

Denice" My body feels super heavy again today. . .like I am wearing a lead suit

Terran: I need to ask Loie if we get to the new Complete Earth in this form

Denice: About 10 pm I felt a lot of energy come in like I haven't felt for a few weeks

Terran: I asked who it was and I got "Source"...

Loie: Love. I am here. Loie.

Terran: Loie do we get to the New Complete Earth in this form?

Loie: Love. That is not known. All is possible. This is a unique experience for all of creation. How and when it happens is unlimited. Loie.

Terran: Is anything known?

Loie: Yes love. It is known that all of creation is returned to one location/place. Together. Limitless.There are many possibilities for the change. Feel me? Loie.

Terran: Yes

Loie: Breathe deeply, dear!

Terran: Turned the TV channel and the old Lassie episode is about a UFO

Denice: (giggle)

Terran: A chimpanzee is stealing their stuff ... "a good scientist based his conclusions on facts..,". Boy they were putting up the wall of ridicule early!

Terran: Breathing (and turning the TV off)

Terran: Still there?

Loie: Bill, love. I am with you. Feel me?

Terran: Yes

Terran: Question, does humanity have to come to a crisis point to create what comes next? Is there a gentler way forward?Everyone is so fatigued!

Loie: Bill, there is no 'need' to create anything resembling a crisis, or a chaotic event. The bridge to the next experience can be gentle. Loie.

Terran: People want answers and I have few to offer. So many unknowns. I thought this would be over in 2015.

Loie: Yes, love. The duration is longer than expected. But ALL are returning together. Because no one is left behind, this feels as if it is taking longer than necessary.But it flows as it is intended to flow with the least disruption possible.

Terran: peaking from a purely narrow minded human point of view it sometimes feels that those who wish to halt the changes get more consideration than those who dearly desire the changes... or at least that's the emotion often expressed...

Loie: Love, that is one perception, of course. And felt widely. Shall we work with a frequency or two? Set your intention to see how and when you arrive on the new earth? Loie.

Terran: Ok

Loie: Here we go, love! Loie

Terran: Does "everyone arrives together" imply one big "plop" of people onto the new Complete Earth or can it be in phases of those who are ready?

Loie: Let's see that, love! Sending you two frequencies. Breathe deeply and slowly now. Loie.

Terran: Can you boost?

Loie: Boosting love. And amplifying now. Loie.

Terran: Nabrac can you amplify as well?


Terran: I really want the answer to this I think it's important in this now

Loie: Yes, love. I am with you. Loie. Boosting again.

Terran: Seeing a scene with escalators and people movers like in an airport. Context not yet clear. Some people moving down to escalators to very large high speed trains about twice normal size in height and width.

Terran: Not exactly a crowd but more like a half busy airport. [a bit like our COVID era airports???]

Terran: These trains go into a tunnel and into a portal. Don't know if this is symbolic or literal

Loie: Ask, love! All the answers are within you now. Loie.

Terran: I get "literal" surprisingly

Terran: How does one find these "trains"?

Loie: Boosting, love! Loie.


Terran: I get "these trains find you"... like that tells me a lot! lol!

Loie: Let's try another frequency, love? Loie.

Terran: I also got "it's been prepared" 

Loie: Boosting.

Terran: I'm going on one of these "trains" to see what it's like. [My heart flows are a bit like a movie version of remote viewing in that I can navigate the scene before me]

Terran: Euro style trains but bigger. Sounds like a train when it starts usual track noise. But at the portal it goes silent and dark feels like 15-20 minutes in terms of how we think of duration. [A similar "portal" train showed up in the flow in relationship to the Andorra Antarctica base this year]

Terran: The train arrives in a brightly light and colorful station.

Terran: The track before arrival seems very short, but gives some sense of "normality" to the transfer. 

Terran: I really don't know what to make of this data but I continue...

Terran: Asking the question "how does the train find us?"

Loie: Boosting, love. Loie.


Terran: This whole concept requires understanding this construct was built from awareness... 

Terran: I get "in many cases you get instructions by phone" and "there are beings tasked with providing instructions in person".., 

Terran: I also get that in some cases you won't see these beings but will hear them.... but sometimes they just look like normal people (presumably Universals?)

Loie: Boosting, love. Loie.


Terran: Asking the question "Is this a phased migration"?

Terran: I get "phase implies time, there is no time only the moment of readiness"... 

Terran: Asking the question "What determines the moment of readiness?" And already got the answer "the heart".

Terran: Asking the question "not counting those who have left form, have any migrated yet?"

Loie: Boosting, dear! Loie.

Terran: I get "there have been 'pilot transfers with those who came into form for this task", sense of it is these are very few in number. More proof of concept journeys for lack of a better term... which makes sense it would be tested first...

Terran: Also get these individuals had to be strong ones as humans prefer to be in social groups and not isolated. Wow this is bizarre! I don't know what to ask next!

Denice: when? ;) 

Terran: Lol yes the ubiquitous when!

Denice: (giggle)  

Terran: Asking "when does this occur and can this be requested?"

Loie: Boosting, love. I am with you. Loie.


Terran: I get "All are valued, All are heard, asking implies readiness"

Terran: ....Asking "do all All go this way?"

Loie:  Boosting, love.

Terran: I get "those that remember how to relocate form can go directly... not all remember"

Terran: Nabrac do you have any insights or questions?


Terran:  Asking my heart "why does there feel like a delay?"

Loie: Boosting, Love. Loie.


Terran: I get a scene of a man in the woods climbing a mountain like in the Italian alps. When he gets to the peak, he's exhausted and catching his breath... a delay for the sake of the form... once he is revived he can fix his position on where he needs to go next because he can see "the lay of the land"... the sense is what we perceive as delay is simply space to breathe....

Denice: nice! I get that! Because I feel it right now ;) 

Terran: I like that take on it.... takes it out a time context to a compassion context! 

Terran: It's time or the perception of it that frustrates us, schedules and deadlines

Denice: (nod) I need to break for bit, my head feels a bit strange need to let these energies subside

Terran: sounds great! Thanks!

Terran: Interesting data. Trains were unexpected

Denice: oh, yes. . .so cool, though!

Terran: I think trains came up once before somewhere I our work with Loie... the AOL base? Was weird on that train I heard the track noise then it goes silent and dark yet the inside of the train is the same until it gets to "the other side" where the track noise comes into effect again... , Its a big train

Denice: it was interesting that you had the perception of it lasting 15 minutes or so a train ride is an easy way to transfer :)especially for those afraid of 'flying' ;)

Terran: There's a moment of travel in the train where there's nothing outside the windows

Denice: amazing!

Terran: Yes and for those afraid of "ET" ships because of Hollywood movies a train is much easier to deal with. Nothing ET about this train but it's as strange as the train to Hogwarts!

Denice: (rofl) I wonder if it is one way only?

Terran: Using another Harry Potter metaphor this train and its station seems to arrive a bit like the "night bus".... As to where it's departure is... If that makes sense?

Denice: yes

Terran: You know how you get that side data in this work? But you can't explain how you get it?

Denice:  yes :) the extra data always helps me to 'get' (comprehend) the transmitted data ;)

Terran: If you think of the earth solely as the third round rock from the sun this sounds ridiculous. But I've seen first hand since 2014 nothing is what it seems...

Denice: oh, yes! NO thing is what it seems is very accurate (holidayspirit) (rofl) going to take my recorder in for another 'trip' . . .lol see what I see/feel 💖

Denice: Talk to you soon!