Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Update 1: Radiance messages

First instance of Radiance showing up

Update 1: Added comments and some amazing photos from two readers.

I've been seeing Radiance or its variant Radiant everywhere I go lately.  It seems to be something I am meant to take notice of and ponder.   This is the way Source speaks to us, it is ALL, and in all, so it speaks from all things.  

The second time it came up is with an Austin Plumbing company called Radiant.   Plumbing implies flow. That was followed very shortly by these two tweets on Twitter.

Margaret and Martha shared with me:

Margaret: T and all. I think I have something important or at least related to today's blog.

Margaret: On Late Friday night, early Sat morning I took photos outside. One was beautiful and unique to me. The next day I saw a blog post with the same coloring and the word radiance. I'll send both. I'm sure it means something because whenever I get a hit, I get the shaky feeling like a sugar drop. I'm getting it now as I type this.

Terran: What is a “sugar drop”?

Margaret: …I mean that feeling you get where you feel shaky if you haven't eaten enough in a long time.

Margaret: Sending my photo then the snap of the post:

Lyrada (the Lyran) seen in the portal

Margaret: I took it as a message to me, but the blog post message is a big one for all of us.

Margaret: Great blog, T! Very affirming. We've all got to keep going!! ❤️

Martha: I saw the word “radiant” yesterday in a random place too. Surprised me.

Martha: But what I’m seeing over and over is swirls. A bunch of sewing videos that appeared in odd places where people are sewing a Greek key design of a square swirl. A bunch! And photos of those sewn on stuff. And then posts with 🌀 posted over and over where the word “spiral” had nothing to do with the text. I’m remembering T added it to the old group after we talked about portals, so it always reminds me of portals. I dunno. But there are no coincidences. As some well known guy says.

Margaret: I think it's so cool that we all are getting similar messages. There are no coincidences and I think we are being told that things are moving forward in a positive way. I think it's great that we are getting the same message but in slightly different ways. I think that's how it works! We each are on our own path that is taking us to unity/reunion.

Margaret: 🥳🥳🥳

Terran: The 2nd photo, is that a being in the middle ?

Margaret: Yes! That is my dear friend, Lyarada!!

Margaret: … It was like I was zapped with way too much energy at first. That evening I felt L's energy a lot of the evening. I felt "full" and kind of buzzy. It felt very easy to connect. That was a nice experience. But I haven't had that experience since. But a while after that experience, L showed up in those photos where you could see them quite clearly in a bubble. I caught hundreds of snaps.

Margaret: Someone, maybe Denice or Skye told me that L said they could tell I was down because I couldn't see them. They did this so there could be no doubt that they are here and with me. I'll go find one of those photos.

Margaret: Most of the time when I take photos at night it’s just black

Margaret: I am learning, I think, that a person's energy signature is wired to catch the energies. I'm thinking that one of my roles is to connect with energies and share what I get. I realize now how much I've taken for granted that I can step out my back door, start communicating and then start to capture energies.

Margaret: I guess like some people are easily telepathic, this is something I can do because of my genes. Now I want to see those energies with by eyes.

Terran: It’s easier for some than others but not impossible. I was listening to Farsight Institute video on Noah and the flood…. Aziz Brown stopped at one point and did a little rant that you have to work at these skill to get good at them. Felt like he was speaking to me!

Margaret: I would have to agree that it's a skill. Like exercise you just have to do it to get stronger at it. But I also take into account that a star soccer player has a lot less work to do to make a goal in a professional game than I would. Starting at very different places 😃

Margaret: Having said that, lately I am getting very strong messages that ALL of us are supposed to be doing way more internal work than we are doing. I'm trying but I often fall asleep when I try. Maybe I go somewhere. Who knows.

Terran: Did you notice the tiny lights below Lyradas feet? Almost like she’s on a platform?

Margaret: I did. I think those are orbs visiting to witness Lyarada being there. I do catch those orbs often. I'm starting to get the impression that I'm really seeing a group of beings who are patiently waiting for me to realize that.