Friday, November 24, 2023

XERXES - A Culmination of Events for Persia Now

A Culmination of Events for Persia Now
It is the moment that I share my complete complicity in the energetic foray that permeates into the bedrock of old Persia.
As an aside, take notice and ponder the truth that currently there is no bloodshed or war in or on the Arabian Peninsula. Rare has been the major battle or war in that heartland.  Recall that Arabia was never part of the Persian Empire.
Return now to this. The entire Persian empire to this moment is replete with the conflicts of her past. Of those thrust upon her by my choices during my tumultuous reign.
It is now that I am at the helm once more.  I sail through the fog and the mist into the bright and warming sunlight and share this complete truth. My own actions. My own decisions. My own divisive desires created the energies that bled into the sand. That filled the mountains. That poured into the rivers and streams. That flowed into the seas. Again recall that there is no time. There is no separation from my own breathing of the salty air and what you breathe now. It is all that is.
Words do not do justice to paint the portraits to archive the experiences that are the foundations for the current horrors playing now.  Know that what is seen and experienced in these moments is a mere fraction of the pain and horror that my decisions caused.  And my own hands on occasion.
Know that the culmination of events quickens.  The horrors are revealed. The truth beckons.
As this plays out and the nature of all is revealed. I am here.  I own the responsibility as the father of the darkest of the violence against the men and women outside of the Persian borders.
And thus the darkest of the violence has flowed through the lands of ancient Persia to this moment.  Once hidden now in full view.  For all to see. For all to know.  
For this is the absolute truth. The energy, once given sacrifice, Fed with the atrocities. Continues the need to feed.  Recall always and once more there is no time.  This energy now is a ferocious beast. Cornered. As the end nears now this energy that all I am is completely complicit in creating requires more than humanity will allow.  Humanity stands tall and strong and says. No More!  Thus this energy must dissipate and flow gently into all that is.  Merging with its counterparts. Creating a balance. Creating a new. Becoming one with all that is.
Watch now and archive for all to see as the curtains part. The scenes end.  The players bow. These moments that flow now create the new beginnings that all desire.  
Here I am and here we are and here it begins. Truth and abundance for all.  Forever. And more. And Persia and more importantly the new Earth rises.