Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Heart Flow Work with Loie, May 4, 2018 - Chinese in Iranian Parade

Qing Dynasty Sedan Chair (I'm actually amazed at how close this is to what I saw although the clothes vary)
NOTE: I do not know if this parade has occured or is about to occur. It feel recent.

[5/4/17, 8:55:57 AM]

Terran: New frequency Loie?

Loie: Here you go, love!

Terran: Seeing the arch in Tehran

Terran: Some sort of national parade [with floats and flat bed miltary vehicles]

Terran: Iranian Mullahs, Generals and soldiers in foreign legion type hats???

Terran: They have a kind of confetti canon on the back of the float that shoots out confetti

Terran: Okay I don't understand this but this is what I see, there's these men in sedan type chairs but not on wheels, they are on poles carried by men in red orange mandarin silk shirts, all in the chairs are Chinese. Some sort of Chinese VIPs in Tehran

Terran: The men in orange red mandarin outfits are wearing coolie hats indicating their lower status

Terran: Servants to the guys on the poles

Terran: Asking the flow who they are....

Loie: Boosting love.

Terran: Getting Red Dragons, the mandarin outfits have black Dragons on red backgrounds with gold outlines on the black dragons don't know what that means

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: This parade feels like one of those government ordered "spontaneous" things

Terran: What I'm getting is the Japanese Black Dragons have joined with the red but in a subservient role to the Red Dragons

Terran: They are here for oil

Terran: Feeling for why this is in the flow for my attention

Loie: Boosting dear! Loie.

Terran: Getting "so that it is seen"

Terran: It's a change in the dragons, seems the Black Dragons are back filling the ranks of the Red Dragons.

Terran: I'm going to break there and shower

Denice: (yes)

Terran: China FinMin Unexpectedly Skips Asian Trade Summit To Attend “Emergency Meeting”