Monday, November 12, 2018

A Dream: Dealing with a Thug in a Dream - 11.11.18

Not actual person

Denice: hi!

Denice: Love H's response to your dream. . .guess Dennis is going to have his hands full ;) (lol)

Terran: Man oh man have I been dreaming. Maybe because of the mountains or the quiet?

Terran: Had a dream I was someplace last night with this really awful [corporate] thug. He looked a bit like a blonde Corey Goode [not him BTW, I like Corey - I think he is brave]. Had this smirk.

Terran: I think this one most would call "incorrigible". The kind behind many awful events.

Terran: At one moment in the dream I just belt him in the mouth! I nearly knock him cold!

Terran: Then I yell at him "open your fucking heart before it's too late!'

Terran: The combination of those two moves seemed to have caught him entirely off guard.

Terran: I don't know where I was or who it was!