Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Dream: Value Access Cards

Photoshopped Depiction

November 13, 2018

Had a dream I was in a city something like Seattle. I met Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert they had an office in an art gallery. We were talking about money.

I leave and buy a homeless man some shoes. At some point I realize I lost my wallet and car keys... and I get worried.

I see the homeless guy ahead and follow him and end up scaling this cliff and lose my shoes in the process.

I meet many homeless people and this odd black man that looked like the Universal I met in the DC courtroom. He gives me some shoes to replace the ones I lost on the climb up the cliff. He’s feeding homeless people and giving them things like clothes. He seemed to be connected to Habitat for Humanity in some kind of homeless outreach program.

He gives me this 3 foot round thing about 6 feet high, says it’s a heater to keep warm (it’s cold and damp out) he said it was once used to “condition” motorcycles (I have no idea what that means). It did put out heat, but it also was shooting flames out the bottom and was about to launch itself... it was kind of coming off the ground at moments and making dangerous sounds... I reach in the back and turn off a valve before everyone gets killed.

The story of me buying the homeless man shoes circulates and the black man is all smiles and says looking at all the homeless people “I’m gonna marry your collective mother and give you all American Express Cards!” General celebration breaks out in the homeless camp.

I got the sense these were value access American Express cards not credit cards.